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15 March 2010

I cleaned out a lot of the kitchen this weekend.  I paid bills.  I read while sitting on (no, not at) the dining room table.  I napped on the couch with the sounds of squeaky basketball shoes from the tv to comfort me.  I spent some quality time with myself, both getting things in order and also thinking, studying, resting, and painting my nails.  (Putty is the color of the season, so they’re You Don’t know Jacques.)  It’s been good.  Strange.  A bit uncomfortable, to be quite honest.  But good.  I’ve been feeling like sinking myself into books quite often lately.  The desire seems insatiable.  This weekend, it was “Resident Aliens” for the book group and “The Four Loves” for myself.  And some other bits of things here and there.  I went on Amazon.  More books are (slowly) on their way to me.  So anyway, that’s where I’ve been of late.

Let’s see, though.  I know there are other things.  Work’s been good.  Marke and Chris are in Austin for SXSWi, which means I have lots of time to just work and work and work without distraction really.  That’s probably good.  They’ll be back Thursday.  So yeah, work’s work, and I’m fine with that.

Nate helped me cook salmon for Tuesday Night Family Dinner.  I’ve never cooked fish before at all.  Or even really eaten much of it out of my own free will (since being an adult).  Tastes here and there in the past year or so, but that’s about it (not counting the sushi).  Anyway, we did a great job.  I thought it was delicious, and apparently so did everyone else.  Total success.  I’m stoked.  Plus, it was pretty easy. :)  Learning to cook new things is a huge benefit of these weekly dinners.

Today was Selection Sunday, which means I’m totally gearing up for one of my favorite times of year, March Madness!  Hooray!  My Stanford boys had a down year, so I’ll have to choose some other teams to root for, but I really think the field is wide open.  It could go a lot of different ways, and I think my brackets will be destroyed by the end.  Should be good fun!

Anyway, more soon.  I’m going back to C.S. Lewis until I crash for the night.


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