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7 March 2010

I must say, it’s been another busy week.  But it’s been really good.  Now, if only I could manage a bit more sleep.  Anyway, here’s a rundown of various goings on.

Tuesday, I was feeling especially ambitious so for family dinner I decided to try my hand at yakisoba.  Mark Bittman made it look easy in his NY Times article and video demonstration, so I had at it.  Turns out, it wasn’t too hard, though I’ll continue to experiment with different ingredients and such.  Anyway, the guys all seemed to like it because there was none left.  And we totally got a kick out of the fortune cookies, which had fortunes in English on one side and Spanish on the other.  Unexpected.

Wednesday was a day for me.  Somehow I managed sleeping in an hour, getting a pedicure and reading James Joyce during lunch, a great night at midweek study at church, dinner at Chick-Fil-A, and line dancing the night away.  Somewhere in there, I went to work.  :)  Line dancing was so much fun that night!  We danced to a ton of songs and I actually managed to fully catch on to some of the dances.  And during some, I just ran into people, got stepped on, and turned the wrong directions.  It was a good time all the way around.  :)

Thursday night’s Emmaus session was a good one.  And so was hanging out with Megan at Denny’s until the wee hours of the morning afterward.  Because I wasn’t sleep-deprived enough already.

On Friday, we had a girls’ night to celebrate Laura’s birthday.  It was a great time in a restaurant where we had excellent service, a quiet enough space we could all talk to each other, surprisingly delicious food (including custard-filled beignets that Jen and I had our eye on from the beginning), and a chance to let Laura know how much we loved celebrating with her.  I hope her actual birthday today was just as wonderful.

And today I went to church, had a really great lunch with a bunch of people, and watched the Oscars.  Happy for everyone involved with “The Hurt Locker” and sad for my celebrity boyfriend Matt Damon.  But all in all, a fun evening. :)

Yesterday, however, was the clear highlight.  My dear, wonderful friends Chris and Katie were married in the most perfect, sweet ceremony.  I’ve never seen Chris that happy ever, and he’s a generally happy guy.  And the wedding was just really, really lovely all the way around.  Janet, Nate, Michael, and I all made the long drive up to Camarillo together, which was fun.  What great friends I have!  And we got there a bit early so Janet and I had a good time doing a little photo shoot; she’s a photographer and just needed a subject.  Anyway, the wedding was great, and so was the reception, and the whole thing was so blessed by the Lord.  There are lots of pictures, so I’ll get them online for you soon.

More soon.


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