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1 March 2010

Oops.  It’s been a busy few weeks.  It’s been a busy year.  I’m sorry I haven’t quite kept up with writing, but I have a few minutes, so here it goes.

I made a last-second trip back home at the end of January.  I hung out and relaxed and ate great things.  I missed my life in San Clemente.  It was a lovely little break.

Katherine came to visit me for the first time in years and years, and we had a great time!  We hung out with lots of my friends around here and caught up on each others’ lives.  Oh, and there was lots of eating and bowling and shuffleboard.  It was really lovely.

Dave started a book group at church, so we’re working through “Resident Aliens,” which I’m enjoying.  It’s just a small group of us, and we’re going so slowly but that’s perfect for us.  Our discussions thus far have been really interesting.  It’s about how to live as a disciple of Christ and a part of His church in this world.  Interesting stuff.

My parents came to visit me during Valentine’s Day/Presidents’ Day weekend, which was pretty awesome.  They worked so well in this life I’ve set up here, and it was just awesome to experience.  They took a big group of my friends out to a really fun dinner, and even did breakfast with me and Nate one morning.  Oh, and they came to church with me, which I always appreciate.  I realize it’s very different from the Catholic church they’re used to and that I grew up in, so it’s cool to have them at Zoe with me on occasion.

I spent much of the past two weeks watching the Olympics (curling mostly) while working my butt off.  Work work work.  I’ve been working a ton lately, though today was a nice reprieve from that.  And I’m grateful that so many nights after work, I’m headed straight to more things related to church.  So life’s good, even when work’s a bit much.

Last Friday was Oral History Night at Emmaus.  Which is normal.  Except that it was my night.  So after a big potluck dinner, everyone gathered around to listen to Dave interview me about my life.  We talked about everything from my grandparents to how I ended up in that lovely little church, and it went really well.  The Spirit led us to all the right topics throughout, and a beautiful group of people was there to witness all of it.  My dearest friends showed up, and it was just a great experience.  I continue to get really sweet feedback from people, too.  I am so blessed to be part of that community and call those people my family.  It’s been a bit overwhelming, in fact.

That sums up the big things, I believe.  There have been lots of other things from moment to moment that the Lord has seen me through.  It’s constant.  More than I could ever write about here.  But anyway, the point is things are good.

By the way, the site looks a bit different, if you’ll notice.  I’m working on cleaning up.  :)


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