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8 January 2010

Oh, goodness.  The new year has gotten off to quite a start, I would say.  It has been a time of (re?)evaluation and thinking and prayer.  It’s brought me some good insight, though, and the Lord’s work continues to be really apparent.  At a moment when I was totally freaked out about my life here in Orange County, He beautifully lined up people I love literally right in front of me.  Amazing, really.

And there have been other good developments, as well.  I’ve been working out a lot.  Currently, my body is pretty sore, but I take that as good news.  I need this.  Swimming starts next week.  I’m nervous about it, to be quite honest, but I’m also excited to be back in a pool again.  I just hope my body doesn’t just completely give up on me when I wake it up at 5:30am.  We’ll see.  And I’m back to running, too.  I’m out of shape but trying not to be discouraged about it.  I’ll get stronger.  I know I’m capable because I’ve done it before.  Oh, and Marke and I have been taking walks at lunchtime.  The weather here is gorgeous, so it’s been lovely to get outside and enjoy it.

It’s good to be back at work, but more than that, it’s good to be back in church.  I missed it a lot when I was away for Christmas.  And I get to add back in Wednesday nights, which are so good.  By the way, I aced the Architecture History course I took at Saddleback last semester.

So anyway, that’s sort of been what’s up.  More soon enough.


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