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18 August 2009

Work has been pretty hectic–especially with me preparing to be gone for a whole week–but at least I found time to read James and Hebrews when I was waiting on something or bored or just in need of a break.  :)

Friday night was one of those mellow evenings that I ended up enjoying.  It started with me washing my car, which I enjoy more than normal people, I think.  It’s just the being outside, doing something physical after a day in the office.  Anyway, then I headed down to the beach for a mellow bonfire with some friends.  And then dessert at Velvet Yogurt.  And then on to Denny’s.  It was just a quiet evening around San Clemente with friends, and I enjoyed it.

On Saturday, I arranged to meet up with Lauren at JC Bean (a local coffeeshop we frequent) mid-day.  When I arrived, I spotted Nate’s car in the parking lot.  He happened to be going there, too, so the three of us hung out a bit and went over to Thai This for some delicious lunch.  And then Lauren and I hit the beach, where we ran into Eric, Eric’s sister Janelle, and her boyfriend Jake.  They just happened to be there and like 20 yards away from where Lauren and I were.  So anyway, we hung out with them for a while.

In the evening, I went over to Annamarie’s, where Lauren used to live also, for a party.  I had so much fun listening to her friends (and my friends joined in, too!) play island music in the backyard.  I was totally transported all the way to Hawaii without having to endure the long plane ride, and I got to bring all my friends, too!  It was great!

And then Nate, Megan, Lauren, Danny, and I went to see “District 9,” which I totally recommend.  Definitely more than just an alien movie.  Really, really good.  And a great end to a nice Saturday.

Yesterday, I went to church, had an awesome lunch with friends at Baja Fish, and ran some errands.  And then I threw an impromptu BBQ in the park behind my apartments.  A bunch of people came, the guys took care of the BBQing, and we hung out.  It was really fun!  I love that little park.  It’s gorgeous, and there are rarely people there.  Lots of good memories there, for sure.  And then a few people came over to watch “Good Will Hunting,” one of my very favorite movies.  Nate had never seen it before; it was time.

And I’m working on making sure I’m ready to go camping on Saturday.  Checking things off my list of stuff I need to make sure I have.  This is different from preparing for the sort of traveling or vacationing I normally do.  But I’m excited to go, for sure.  Oh, and it was a good excuse to pick up a couple pairs of new jeans, which I honestly needed pretty badly.  :)

That’s it from here tonight.  More soon…


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