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12 August 2009

Well, I’ve been keeping myself fairly busy.  Haha!  Highlights…

I took last Wednesday off (amazing, I know!), and Nate and I hung out.  We had a really good lunch at Corner Bakery.  Why don’t I go there more often?  Their salads are amazing.  Anyway, then we headed up to LA to see a taping of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.  That was the day I happened to get tickets for, so we went.  Anyway, we cut it super close with the traffic and madness of just driving in LA, and we were even dreaming up all the other LA things we could do if we didn’t make it to the studio by 3:30.  But we made it just barely.  So we spent the afternoon waiting in line and then being led through aiport-like security to get into the studio where they film.  And then we watched them film the whole show for the night, which was really fun and sort of silly.  I mean, to really see how taken care of celebrities are is crazy, but not that suprising.  Anyway, it was a fun thing to do.  Then we grabbed some dinner before making the drive back that night.  And actually, we kind of hung out the rest of the evening, eventually meeting up with some more friends.  Anyway, it was an awesome day off.  :)

On Friday, there was a lot more of me being a slacker at work. ;)  I took off around noon, made a quick change, and then met up with Nate, Lauren, and Lauren’s friend Danny.  We all headed up to LA (yes, twice in three days).  We wandered around the Walt Disney Concert Hall (on the outside), which is a really interesting, beautiful building.  And then we walked over to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, which is another architecutural gem.  Anyway, we explored there a bit.  Nate started talking to a man trying to fix the enormous organ there, and all of a sudden he was helping him fix it (with careful instruction) and scoring us all a trip up into the pipes.  Seriously cool!  And Nate got to to way, way up into the pipes (6 stories).  Anyway, it wasn’t what any of us expected when we visited the church, but it was really fun.  Next up, we met up with Ramie, Megan, and Annamarie, and tried to have dinner at CPK but failed.  So we found a really great Italian restaurant a few blocks away, which turned out to provide us with a pretty awesome meal.  I’m so glad. :)  And finally, we went to a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  We saw the choral music of Eric Whitacre as performed by the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain.  A huge group of us went to this.  Anyway, the music was stunning.  Just incredible.  I definitely want to spend more time taking in the arts.  Anyway, after a long day in LA, we headed back towards home, stopping at In-N-Out for a late-night snack.

Oh, so Lauren came to stay with me for a few days.  We spent Saturday together hanging out in Laguna Beach and then in Dana Point at Strands with some more friends.  Yes, we’re at Strands beach all the time.  Yes, I love that I have a usual beach.  Anyway, it was a fun day, and then in the evening, we went to Oral History Night with the Emmaus crew.  Hanssel told his life story, and it was awesome.  And somehow I ended up talking outside with friends for hours and hours into the middle of the night.  Good fun. :)

Sunday was another jam-packed day.  Church.  Beach birthday party for Brielle, who turned 1.  She’s the daughter of our friends James and Megan.  And then headed up to Annajoy’s house in the mountains for an evening BBQ.  The highlight was probably the crazy ride there and back in Nate’s car.  Oh, boys and their cars. ;)  Actually, it was also fun to have a mellow evening with friends in a beautiful location.

And things since have been pretty normal.  Quiet evenings Monday and tonight, though I did get some cleaning and writing and reading and other chores done.  Last night’s family dinner was delicious and cheap; I made pizzas and salad, and we went out for dessert at Velvet Yogurt. :)

Anyway, enough out of me.  Busy busy and gearing up for travel. :)


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