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5 August 2009

Well, I’ve kicked off a new year of life.  It’s been spectacular.  I’ll try to get through the highlights for you. :)

I had an absolutely amazing birthday day.  Nate and I just hung around San Clemente (I took the day off work).  Seriously, we just hung out and it was wonderful.  And then he took me to the airport and it was a rad carride because he sang the whole way.  I met Adam there and we missed our flight but flew to Oakland on a later flight.  There was pizza from Amici’s, just like I’d wanted, and Kath and Mel came to the house and hung out.  And my parents were there, too.  And it was just an awesome birthday all the way around.

On that Saturday, the family came over for a big birthday party, like we do most years.  It was really nice to see everyone, and I enjoyed it immensely.  And then Dad, Adam, Katherine, and I went up to the City to AT&T Park to see Kenny Chesney in concert.  It was a massive concert!  Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert opened, and they were both great.  And then Kenny was so much fun.  He kept the thousands and thousands totally involved even in that huge place.  So fun and a great birthday present from Uncle Ken. :)

On Sunday, I got to hang out with the fam.  We had a wonderful breakfast in Woodside.  And then I lunched with Meg and Kath on Meg’s break before Kath took me out for Sprinkles cupcakes.  What a great little weekend at home!

Adam and I flew back to Long Beach, where I was greeted by Nate and Roderick.  They even came inside, and I love that.  We headed down to San Clemente for some frozen yogurt, a walk to the pier, and a movie at my house.  What a great welcome back home. :)

I had a birthday dinner her with frineds.  I kept it all super casual and just told a few people that we’d gather at Stuft Pizza.  And between work and dinner, Nate and I made a Sprinkles run.  I’m sure he thought it was absolutely ridiculous and he’ll never do that with me again (unless maybe it’s my birthday), but it was fun.  Anyway, we got the pizza place and more and more friends just kept showing up until we had taken over a section of the restaurant.  We ate and hung out and had a great time together.  And then some of us came back to my house for cupcakes.  It was just a wonderful blessing to have so many come celebrate with me. :)  I’m so thankful!

I’ve been going to the beach with friends a lot.  A lot a lot.  It’s so easy to do that here and the beaches and the weather are so gorgeous that I can’t really help myself. :)

Lauren moved back to Santa Barbara before she moves to London in September.  I miss having her around all the time, but I’m excited she’ll be visiting this weekend and we have fun things planned.  And we got to celebrate her birthday with her before she left, too, so that was cool.

And then there’s this one other really big thing.  I’m not sure how to explain all of it here and do it justice.  It’s been life changing.  I’m still working on it, though.  More soon…


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