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Good day.

16 July 2009

The news remains the same: I am a busy girl.  :)

Work’s busy.  The entire company is in the office this week for our annual meetings.  So yeah, that’s the story from there.  Let’s get on to what else I’ve been up to, what else interesting is going on.

Friday I got to hang out with Nate some before going to a birthday bonfire at the beach in celebration of Hanssel’s birthday.  Totally chill.  Good time.

Saturday, Marke and I went for a really great hike in the hills above Laguna Beach.  I’m loving our hikes more and more.  And then I got cleaned up and hung out with Nate for the rest of the evening.  We had a night full of random, quiet activities, including dinner, browsing the bookstore, going to the market, drinking coffee, driving to Laguna and having an odd walk around, listening to jazz, and watching “V for Vendetta.”  We just hung out.

Sunday was a cool day.  Church.  Breakfast at lunchtime.  Phone calls from coffeeshops.

And then the main event.  Sunday was the day Nate and I had set aside to do the big birthday celebrating for him. The first stop was the Nordstrom Rack, where we looked for new shirts but ended up with new shoes instead.  He loves them.  They’re really nice.  Oh, boys.  And then we went to the Orange County Performing Arts Center to see the stage production of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”  We both loved the movie as kids, and I saw the stage show 6 years ago when I lived in London.  Well anyway, we both really loved it.  Nate’s head might have exploded though, as he’d never been to the theatre before.  Or heard a live orchestra play.  Or anything like that.  So anyway, that whole thing was just amazing.  And then we had dinner at Maggiano’s, which was perfect.  Love that place.  Awesome dinner.  :)

Monday I went to my regular women’s Bible study and then went over to Nate’s.  We went for a run.  He kind of kicked my butt, but I ran the whole way, so I’m stoked on that.  :)

Last night’s Tuesday Night Family Dinner was a small affair, being just Roderick, Chris, and me.  But we had a great dinner and talked lots and lots and had a good time.  It was just what I needed after a long, long day, I’m sure.

And tonight, I worked late (so I can take Friday off).  And then I met up with Nate for a late dinner (which was actually breakfast) at Corky’s.  And it’s just been a good day.  And that’s about it.

My 26th year is quickly wrapping itself up, and I’m looking forward to my trip home this weekend. :)  More soon…


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