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4 July 2009

Life here has me keeping quite busy, though with all these little things that won’t sound as good in writing as they were to live.  So you’ll have to believe me when I tell you that I’m just a happy girl.  :)

Last Sunday was one of my favorite days.  It started with John giving a great message at church.  And then there was a delicious lunch at Baja Fish.  And then Marke, Allison, Grace, and I went hiking in the afternoon.  It was probably too hot to be out there hiking in the sun but it was still really, really nice.

But the evening was the highlight.  Nate and I grabbed a quick dinner and then headed up to LA to Largo at the Coronet to see The Punch Brothers play live.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  AMAZING!  Perfect.  I don’t know how to explain this show in words other than to tell you that the whole night was perfect.  It was a small theatre and we were close enough to see all the guys’ fingers moving on the strings of the instruments.  And the sound was perfectly clear.  And their musicianship completely blew me away.  And I hung on each little note.  Gah!  Absolutely brilliant and incredible.  If you don’t know who the Punch Brothers are, please go learn more about them.  Anyway, I want to relive this concert forever.  Yes, it was that good.  Anyway, Nate loved it at least as much as I did.  So yeah. :)

Work was slow all week.  That was okay with me because I’d been so busy there.  This allowed for a little time to hang with Marke or crossword or things like that.  So yeah, good week at work.

Monday night, I had women’s study with everyone and then met up with Nate at Corky’s.  Because they’re open 24 hours.  Sometimes it’s rad to sit and talk about writing and words and stories and stuff.  Anyway, we had breakfast.  Because I love breakfast.

Tuesday I was feeling kind of inspired, so I decided to do all the cooking for our regular Tuesday Night Family Night here.  And because I was ambitious, I made new things.  I made lemon pepper pasta with peas, asparagus, and prosciutto.  And an apple-blueberry cobbler.  Everything was really delicious, and Chris, Jamie, Jen, Lauren, Roderick, and Nate all seemed to love everything, too. :)

Wednesday was Nate’s birthday, which meant doing some celebrating with him.  Twenty-seven full years.  Anyway, he wanted it to be kind of quiet so we had lunch at Pacific Whey (well he had lunch and I had breakfast).  And after bringing Lauren to LAX that night, I went over to Nate’s for presents and ice cream pie.  It was just good.  I’m not sure what else to say about it.

Thursday was really fun for me.  I got to leave work at one, so Marke and I had a fun little afternoon together.  We had lunch at Larocco’s Pizza and then had frozen yogurt at Velvet Yogurt.  I was excited he actually liked both places because he can be kind of particular.  And then we had thought about walking around but the beach was so windy and foggy that we opted for coffee and a crossword.  Still, a really lovely afternoon.  And then I met up with Nate for a little bit before Emmaus.  We read and then had some dinner.  Super mellow.  And then Emmaus was good, as usual.  And Corky’s (yes, again) with friends was cool.  And somehow I ended up at Nate’s until the wee hours of the morning having tea and talking and whatever.  Doing nothing really.  Didn’t mean to be out so late, but it was my weekend! :)

Yesterday was also really, really lovely.  I slept in delightfully late.  And then went on a really good hike with Marke.  He worked me hard.  And I made him go hiking instead of watching a movie.  So we motivated each other. :)  And after getting cleaned up, I met up with Nate for an evening of hanging out and music and talking and good food.  And was again out until all hours.  But it was so cool.  A day with the boys.  Love it. :)

And so I suppose that brings me to the Fourth.  I had coffee with Kathie (she’s Marke’s mom) this morning.  And this afternoon we’re going to play volleyball in the park and BBQ before heading down to the beach to watch fireworks.  Should be fun.  :)

So that’s about it from here.  I’m getting anxious to be home in a couple weeks for my birthday. :)


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