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29 March 2009

oh.  my.  goodness.  i’ve been gone way too long.  oops!  but i will try to give you the hightlights of what i’ve been up to.  but basically, i’ve been so busy having a wonderful time with friends and family.  it’s been pretty amazing.

first of all, i’ve been working pretty hard lately.  jason’s wife had a baby, who will be in the hospital for a while to come, so he was gone for a while.  and even now that he’s back, he’s not 100% there.  so i’m spending a lot of time trying to keep the department in order.  and going on sales calls.  and just taking on responsibilities that i’ve never had before.  i got pretty stressed out there for a while, but i’m much more comfortable now.

and church is treating me quite well, these days, also.  and keeping me busy.  and teaching me a ton.  i have even started going to zoe on sundays (instead of to st. edward’s, where i’d been going off and on for a long time now).  that’s been pretty wonderful, and i definitely feel like a part of the church community there.  emmaus is getting better each week, and i fall in more in love with the mid-week study each wednesday.  anyway, it’s all been great.  and changing my life.  in case you were wondering. :)  and after emmaus, we hang out, and sometimes there are photos.

mom, dad, and adam came to visit me for a weekend.  i threw a big game night at my apartment so they could meet more of my friends, and that was so awesome.  everyone had a really great time, and i loved it!  plus, just seeing the family all weekend was really, really nice.  we just hung out, much like we’d do if we were in san carlos.  it was great.

lauren, allison, allison’s daughter grace, marke, and i did a day at the san diego zoo.  marke hasn’t spent a lot of time in zoos, which was really funny to me.  but anyway, we had a good time hanging out around there.  there are some funny photos here.

meg came to visit me for a weekend!  we hung out.  and then meg, marke, dana, lauren, and i went to san diego for an evening of awesomeness.  we had a delicious dinner and found a rad dessert place.  and then we went to see “rent.”  gah!  amazing!  with the original mark and roger!  it blew my mind, and thinking about it still makes me really, really excited.  it was spectacular.  even after seeing it so many times.  i serioulsly love love that show.  photos from our night of fun are here.

marke, dan, and i threw a huge bonfire on the beach!  in my (crazy little) head, it was the start of summer!  we had a really good time with all our friends barbequing and making s’mores.  mmm… delicious!  it was just a chill night hanging out, and i’m hoping there will be more of those soon.

i went with jessica and amy to see missy higgins at the orpheum in la.  it was so great to hang out with those girls!  lenka and justin nozuka were great opening acts, and then missy higgins was pretty spectacular.  she can just sing, sing, sing.  i love she she often sent the band off-stage and played either just the piano or guitar.  it was incredible, and she’s really talented.  that was a great night of live music!

roderick, nate, ramie, lauren, hanssel, and i spent a sunday night eating frozen yogurt, talking to mormons, playing in a playground, and taking photos by a fountain.  what a fun way to wrap up a weekend.  i really like ending the weekend with friends around. :)

tonight, hung out with marke, matt, and matt’s new lady kirby.  we watched the ducks game at a sports bar.  and then we went bowling.  it sounds mellow.  it kind of was, but it was also a total blast!  we really did have a lot of fun just hanging out all evening, and i’m thankful it worked out that way.

some other random things that have gone on:
i played basketball with eight guys from emmaus one sunday afternoon.  i wasn’t very good, but i had so much fun.
i attended a surprise birthday party for jen claire, which was a good time.  afterwards, i ended up on a bridge overlooking dana point, which is pretty rad.
i’ve been going on after-work hikes in san clemente with lauren now that we have enough daylight.  we live in a gorgeous place.
i went rollerskating with the girls of emmaus, which was a blast!
marke and i helped liz celebrate her birthday (photos here and here), and it was good to spend an evening with some different friends.  again, we ended up on that bridge with friends afterwards.  and with cigars.
i threw a frisbeen terribly at a zoe picnic, but i had a nice time hanging out with friends in the park on a sunday afternoon.
i thought roderick was moving to san diego, and then he didn’t.  and now he lives with chris, so that’s rad.
i had a weird st. patrick’s day, but have since sorted out so much stuff in my life that it all seems so long ago now.
marke and i got our cars washed together, because we’re awesome like that.
i let my friends stay over until 3am just talking because sometimes it’s really, really fun, even if also totally irresponsible.
i saw “i love you, man,” and “monsters vs. aliens,” both of which are hilarious in completely different ways.

and i have some fun stuff coming up.
i’m going to see keith anderson, luke bryan, and the lost trailers on tuesday night.
i’m going home for easter weekend and can hardly wait to see my parents.
my friends and i are roadtrippig up to the bay area in early may for a weekend of fun.

so that’s it for tonight.  i’ll try to be better about updating.  just know that i’m so happy and life is treating me well. :)


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