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22 February 2009

well, i’ve managed to keep myself quite busy with unexpeted things.  it’s been lovely. :)

thursday night, i went to emmaus, which was awesome.  please, go to the website and download the audio for “through the looking-glass.”  awesome.  anyway, after that, i ended up in denny’s having breakfast with megan and roderick until about 1:30 in the morning.  i have no idea where the time went, but i got to know a lot more about both of them, see more of their true personalities.  it was wonderful, even if i was so tired the next morning at work.

friday, marke and i had lunch with lauren.  we walked to meet up with her, which is always a nice treat.  and hanging out with lauren is always good, too. :)

friday night, i met up with lauren, roderick, eric, and marke to see “frost/nixon.”  we didn’t end up seeing it.  that was the second time i’ve tried to see that and failed.  instead, we went bowling, which was really fun.  i bowled poorly, but it was awesome.  and eric gave us all very strange bowling names.  turned out “kierstein!” is really fun to yell really loudly, so it has managed to stick.  haha!  anyway, after bowling i went out to t.g.i. friday’s with marke and we sat and talked at the bar all night.  he drank and i had dessert, and we caught up with each other a bit.  it was lovely.  for the second time, i’ve been completely content to miss out on “frost/nixon” for hanging out instead. :)

saturday morning (and into the afternoon), i was lounging around being generally quite lazy adn watching basketball.  marke decided he wanted to meet up for lunch, so we did that.  and then we picked up lauren for a walk at the beach.  and then we drove up to newport for cupcakes.  and then we went to jesse’s birthday party.  and then we went to the harbor house for a late-night meal with chris and katie.  and i never thought i was going to be gone that long so i spent the whole day in jeans, sneakers, and a baseball cap.  it was wonderful.  i have rad friends. :)

so because i got nothing accomplished really yesterday, i had to get on it this morning.  i did grocery shopping, cooked, did yoga, cleaned, and made sure i was all ready to entertain.  i had a ton (way more than i ever expected!) of friends show up to watch the oscars with me.  i made ballots and everyone filled them out before the show started.  we had a three-way tie for the most points (various categories were weighted with various amounts of points).  it was so fun and we all ate some great food.  and if i’m allowed to brag for a moment, i made an apple-blueberry pie without a recipe and it turned out fabulously. :)  so i had a fun night with everyone!

and now i’m ready for yet another busy week. :)


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