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18 February 2009

well, let me figure out where i left off.  i believe it was two sundays ago.  that night, i had jen claire, lauren, and marke over to watch a movie.  and then i couldn’t get my dvd player to work (though i fixed it that night after everyone had gone home), so we watched some tv instead and just hung out.  with friends is always a nice way to round out a weekend. :)

and then i kept myself fairly busy last week.

monday night, i went out line dancing with janet and some of her friends.  i haven’t done that in a very, very long time, and it was so much fun!  i was pretty terrible because i didn’t know any of the dances at all so i was pretty much constantly doing the wrong thing, but it was still so fun to try!  :)  i’ll be back there again soon, i’m sure.

tuesday night, i met with annajoy, allison, and marke to talk about acts.  we’re reading it one chapter a day with all of emmaus and then discussing it in small groups once a week.  that went really well, and i’m enjoying the process of reading along with everyone else.

on thursday, marke and i spent our lunch hour baking a carrot cake.  well, i baked the cake.  he did all the grating of the carrots, though.  we wanted to help lauren celebrate getting into a very prestigious architecture program in london!  so after emmaus, we had a bunch of friends over to my apartment and had cake and celebrated.  it was lovely and fun.  and i’m so excited for lauren!

on friday, i picked up sarah from the long beach airport, and as we have taken to doing, we had a late dinner at maggiano’s before heading back to my apartment.  mmm… maggiano’s!  i seriously love that place.  so.  good.  sarah came to spend the long weekend hanging out with me.

on saturday, we decided to go to disneyland together.  it was chilly out, but sunny and dry, so a good day to be there.  it was pretty crowded, but we managed to fit in lots of rides.  and we even stayed for the fireworks and fantasmic.  the day was really fun.  it’d been way too long since i’d last been to disneyland.

on sunday, i introduced sarah to wahoo’s.  and then we went up to newport for cupcakes from sprinkles, the one thing we for sure had to do while sarah was visiting.  more delicious food for us!  and then we drove all the way down to carlsbad to the outlets there for a little shopping.  i tried on tons of stuff and found a few good bargains. :)

sunday night, sarah and i met up with marke, chris, and lauren for dinner at the cheesecake factory.  i wanted sarah to meet some of my friends here, and she agreed to, which was great.  we had an excellent dinner, laughing and eating and enjoying each other’s company.  i love dinners like that one: surrounded by great friends just having a really fun time.

on monday, sarah and i went up to costa mesa for some more shopping.  we had a great lunch and then browsed a few stores.  mostly, we just hung out.  and then it was time to take her to the airport.  we had a nice weekend together. :)

and i’m still busy as ever.  i had a rough tuesday with an insanely busy day at work and my own stress leading me to go a little insane myself.  but that’s all sorted and things seem great once again.

so anyway, lots more fun is on the agenda.  i’ll write again soon. :)


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