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this ain’t a fairytale

8 February 2009

i have been amazingly busy.  it’s been really wonderful.  :)

i’ve spent a lot of time in marke’s-birthday mode.  two thursdays ago, after a late night out with the emmaus crew at in-n-out, i went home and baked cupcakes.  and then the next day, we celebrated marke’s birthday (two days early) at work.  jason, james, chris, marke, and i had a delicious birthday lunch at selma’s and then enjoyed cupcakes.  it was nice and a good start to all the birthday things that were to come.  :)

two fridays ago, i went to a really fun birthday party for my friend jamie.  it was 80’s-themed and at the local bowling alley, saddleback lanes.  i got all sorts of crazy dressed up.  i haven’t been i public looking quite that ridiculous in a long time.  and some of my friends dressed up, too, including marke, who was dressed basically just like zack morris from “saved by the bell.”  and in fact, the group i bowled with decided we should all use names from that show as our bowling names.  i was lisa turtle.  the whole night was really, really fun, and you can check out some of the photos here.

the next day, i met up with lauren, cody, and marke for coffee at this place lauren loves called the neighborhood cup.  they were all studying various things, but i brought a novel with me and read.  it was lovely.  i think i could sit all day long just reading and sipping good coffee.  :)  plus, it’s just a nice way to start a weekend.

and after that, lauren and i hung out a bit.  we drove up the coast.  we stopped in lagana beach to walk around and take a few photos.  it was an absolutely gorgeous day out.  and then we went up to newport for cupcakes at sprinkles.  so delicious!  i love that lauren is now the one asking me if we can go there.  haha!  i have her totally hooked, and it’s so fun for me!  anyway, then we headed back toward home and did a little shopping for a project we were putting together for marke and annajoy’s birthdays.

that night, marke and i were going to go see a movie but when i picked him up, we decided we were so starving that we wanted to go get food instead.  so we drove down to the cheesecake factory and had a delicious dinner and sat and talked a while.  we also ran into our friend jessica who works there and got some coupons for free cheesecake, which is awesome!  and then we went to one bookstore.  and then another.  and then we drove around going nowhere for a while.

and then we eventually met up with annajoy, her sister, and allison at this little place called rocks.  it was a bar but had a dancefloor and a bad dj.  and it was worse than a dive.  and everyone in there smoked constantly.  yes, inside.  and it was only fun because of the company.

last sunday was marke’s birthday!  he turned 26!  old man!  ;)  i spent the morning baking black pepper-gruyere cheese puffs and chocolate chip cookies.  and then i headed over to marke’s house for a super bowl party.  there was a ton of food because his mom is a great cook.  lots of people showed up, and it was a lot of fun to watch the game with everyone. :)

on tuesday, i had a lauren-filled day.  marke and i met her for lunch at this little cafe across the street from where we work.  and then she came over to my office after work to help me some more with the collages we put together for marke and annajoy for their birthdays.  we had everyone sign them at their big party (that’s coming up), and they made a pretty cool gift.  and when lauren and i were done with that, we had a delicious dinner at a thai place on del mar.  it was nice to just hang out with her.

on wednesday morning, marke brought me coffee.  he made my day.  he’s such a good friend.

i bought myself new running socks finally.  i’ve been doing lots of running lately (well, lots for me, anyway), and i only had a couple pairs of good socks.  a long run in bad socks nearly killed me, so it was finally time.  anyway, it makes me feel like my dad.  he loves good socks.

thursday morning, i accidentally slept through my two alarms.  oops!  i woke up 5 minutes before i was meant to be at work, so i rushed around to get ready and head there.  and then i rushed around all day at work trying to make sure i got everything done that needed to be done that day.  i knew it was going to be a busy one.  and it was strangely still a really, really fun day at work, even though i felt like i was rushing around constantly.

after work on thursday, i went to emmaus and then out to in-n-out with everyone.  and then i went home to bake.  except first, i needed to stop at a grocery store to get ingredients for (more) cupcakes.  so i went to the huge albertson’s near me, but it closed at midnight and it was 12:06.  so i called marke because he tends to know things like which stores are open late.  though really, i think grocery stores should all be open 24 hours.  anyway, he pointed me in the right direction, but it was nearly 1 by the time i got home.  and then i baked 40+ cupcakes.  and then allison met me at home during my lunch break on friday and we frosted cupcakes.  they were for marke and annjoy’s birthday party that night.  it was good to hang out with allison (and her daughter, grace) for a little bit, too.  she’s really sweet.

also on friday, i snuck out of work an hour early because there was almost no one left in the office.  and i thought about going to the gym in my stolen hour.  and i thought about a nap.  but ultimately, i decided to just sit still for a minute and watch a little tv and sort of just calm down.  i hadn’t done that in so long, and i really, really needed it.

and on friday night, we had a huge party to celebrate marke and annajoy’s birthdays.  the two of them started the planning but then pretty much turned it over to allison and me, so i was in red robin an hour early to make sure we’d have tables for all 30+ people.  anyway, we had a great turnout, and everyone seemed to be having fun!  dinner was good. and then we all went over to dave and busters for some video games and  pool.  i played a little, but mostly i hung out with lots of friends and had a wonderful time.   and i was out way too late and loved it all.  so anyway, i hope they had great birthdays!  i enjoyed celebrating with them. :)  there are some photos here.

yesterday, i slept in nice and late, which i needed after being up until 3am the previous two nights.  and then i met up with marke, annajoy, and her son justin to see the movie “coraline.”  i thought it was pretty cool and very beautiful.  plus, i was so tired that sitting in a movie was about as active as i felt like being at that point.

in the evening, i went to an emmaus oral history night.  we had a potluck dinner (i brought a delicious marionberry pie from trader joe’s) and then jr shared his life story.  it was really wonderful, and i love these events.  then i hung out talking to different friends for a while until it was suddenly late and i headed home.

and this afternoon, i met up with aunt nancy and her friend kim, who were in san clemente on vacation.  we had a nice lunch on the pier, and it was so beautiful out, even though i rained earlier and i won’t be surprised by more rain later today.  anyway, it was good to catch up a little bit and also to just get outside.

and so that’s what i’ve been up to.  more fun things are coming up, as well, so stay tuned. :)


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