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25 things about us

1 February 2009

i’m reposting this (from my facebook).  it was supposed to be 25 things about myself.  instead, it’s 25 things about my friends and me.

1. Marke and I like to do crossword puzzles from the New York Times but read the Wall Street Journal.  We used to dislike each other.  Now he’s my favorite.

2. Katherine and I eat too much ice cream whenever we’re together, and it’s always her fault.  Also, I start to laugh like her whenever I hang out with her for more than about an hour.  She’s known me forever; she has all the dirt.

3. Meg and I always get mistaken for a couple whenever we go to Benihana together.  Or other restaurants.  In high school, we wrote notes to each other in composition notebooks that we’d pass back and forth between classes.  She’s known me forever; she has all the dirt.

4. Melissa is in charge of my makeup.  She’s my makeup guru.  She can put on makeup better than most professionals.  Whenever I am putting on my makeup, I am really just trying to do what I think she would do.

5. Sarah and I have traveled together in (at least) 9 different countries.  England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Belgium, and the US.  That’s a lot of miles.

6. Annahita and I love to talk about food together.  Love love.  And boys.

7. Adam can’t read.  And I’m fat.  This is what I call sibling love.  Also, we love to watch college basketball together, and because we don’t live near each other, we watch together on the phone.  March Madness is our favorite time of year.

8. Elizabeth knows me like only a roommate could.  She took out the trash and I cleaned the bathroom.  We threw excellent dinner parties together.

9. Dana got me to dance to a car stereo in a parking lot in the middle of the night and have fun doing it.  I appreciate this more than she probably knows.  I hope there’s more of this in my future.

10. Chris and I could sit around listening to country music together for entirely too long.  He’s my country-music-loving friend.  I don’t really have others.

11. Holly and I used to share a bed.  A bunk bed.  In the London house.  She crawled into my (bottom) bunk with me to be funny on more than one occasion.  Also, I still wear a perfume that I first noticed on her; she has good scent sense.

12. Roderick and I both love our birthdays.  It makes me happy that I’m not the only one.  Also, we’re filipino cousins.

13. Theresa and I went Christmas shopping together one year.  We decided to split up for an hour so we could buy each other gifts.  We ran into each other in the same store about halfway through that hour as we were buying things for one another.  Surprises over!  Also, she loves to laugh at me, even when I have no clue why.  She does it pretty much constantly whenever we’re together.

14. Lauren is now hooked on Sprinkles cupcakes, and it might be my fault.  I brought her there for the first time.  Now she is bringing me there all the time.  I love spending an afternoon with her eating a cupcake and enjoying a little sun.

15. Jan takes my favorite photos.  I want him to photograph me.  The wedding photos he takes make me want to get married, even though I’m certainly in no position to do that any time soon and in no actual particular hurry.

16. Lindsay and I both love Gossip Girl and grammar.

17. DJ and I used to use the London House’s supplies for “encouragement cards” to write each other “discouragement cards.”  Because we’re awesome and funny… and mean. ;)

18. Wednesday did my hair fabulously.  Twice.  For the London House’s two large banquet dinners.  She’s as good as a trained hair stylist but more fun to talk to, and she figured out what to do with my crazy mane.  Also, she’s some of my favorite Disneyland company.

19. Maria and I used to play store at her parents’ house using all the Amway products they sold.  Also, her uncle died in a motorcycle accident when we were just kids, and I’ve never much wanted to ride one since.  I often think of him when thinking of motorcycles.

20. Jessica and I went to see an art exhibition solely (pun intended) about Manolo Blahnik shoes.  And also one on Ansel Adams.  We looked at art together, Jessica and I, when we lived together in London.

21. Roxanne and I both loved the Backstreet Boys when we were too old and were pretty much the only people left loving them.  We went to see them together.

22. Becke was the first person I ever worked an even with at KRTY.  She was late and I was scared and confused on that first day.  After that, we worked tons of events together, and I always enjoyed her company.  She was never late.

23. Patrick lived with me and my family for a summer.  It was only supposed to be a few days.  That was a crazy summer.

24. Dante was the first first real crush I had.  And while I don’t have a crush on him anymore, I still think he’s a really great guy.  I’m so happy for him and his new wife!

25. Josh and I cooked breakfast for the London House after staying up all night during finals week.  And then we slept through the day while other people were taking exams.  We often stayed up very, very late together for no good reason other than that we’re rad.


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