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the stars at night are big and bright

28 January 2009

well, i’m back! :)

my trip to texas with marke was so much fun and went really well. :)  check out the photos here when you get bored of my writing.  i may add some more soon because i know marke took some but i haven’t seen them yet.

anyway, so thursday morning, we got up too early and marke’s dad took us to the long beach airport.  marke is fully convinced it’s not a real airport now that he knows the gate areas for jet blue are just a big trailer (in which a few birds live).  and then we took what he insists is not a full size plane because it only had two seats on each side of the aisle.  i maintain it’s a full size plane, however.  anyway, he was panicked flying on a plane that small, but we made it just fine all the way to austin.

we made it to our hotel fine, also.  biggest hotel room i’ve ever stayed in.  just enormous.  the first of many texas-sized things on our trip.  and then we walked to this place called hut’s because they have great hamburgers.  i didn’t have a burger, but marke did and he said it was pretty excellent.  thus started our frommer’s guide eating.

we spent the rest of the afternoon walking all around austin.  it was gorgoeus out and we were happy to be wandering around.  we saw fountains and a lot of the campus at ut.

thursday night was the main event, the whole reason there ever was an austin trip!  we went to see brad paisley in concert!  (here’s one review)  darius rucker and dierks bentley opened, and i enjoyed them both a ton!  brad was awesome, of course!  and i got chris on the phone a couple times so he could listen to the music; he was so sad not to be there with us.  marke survived the whole show.  he doesn’t do country music.  at all.  but he was a good sport.  and by the time we walked back to the hotel, we were both really ready to crash.

saturday, we rented a car.  a red chevy aveo.  haha!  anyway, we had breakfast at the flagship whole foods store in austin, which was amazing.  the food was so good and the store was just amazing.  we could have spent hours wandering, but we had a lot more planned for the day.  we drove down to san antonio and parked the car downtown.  we started walking toward the alamo.  there’s an ice cream shop right near there, and marke suggest ice cream as we walked by.  of course, i said yes!  so we took our ice cream and walked to the alamo on another beautiful day.  we strolled around a bit.  truthfully, it’s not super amazing or super big.  anyway, then we walked around the riverwalk a bit.  that was really lovely, and we both enjoyed that a lot.  and then we had lunch at acenar, right above the river.  we had really, really incredible mexican food.  great lunch!  and then we walked around a bit more because it was so nice.

and then we headed away from the city center and towards katie’s house.  she lives on the edge of san antonio in a beautiful neighborhood in a lovely home.  she just had a baby boy, lukas nolan!  they were still recovering and everything, but i wanted to see them so badly!  so i got to see katie, lukas, and katie’s parents.  it was so wonderful! :)  they’re doing well.

and then marke and i headed back to austin.  we went to a great record store called waterloo and an even better bookstore called book people.  we had a good time wandering around, and marke bought a few things.  i resisted. :)  and we had a really fabulous dinner at a small italian place called la traviata.  really good.  by this point, i had marke mostly convinced that frommer’s picks the best restaurants.   so anyway, we brought the car back and went back to the hotel.  i hit the gym for a late night session while marke checked email and such.  and then we crashed.

on saturday, we slept in a little later because we could. :)  and then we took our time getting checked out of the hotel.  then we headed out with every intention of seeing some sights.  until we realized it was suddenly very wintry out.  like 50 and crazy windy.  we weren’t dressed for that at all, so we altered our plans.  we wandered around the capitol building a bit.  it’s the largest of all the state capitols.  actually, it was pretty cool.  and then we had an amazing mexican lunch at manuel’s.  marke then decided frommer’s is totally the way to go when choosing where to eat and told me he wanted one for san clemente.  yep.  rock. :)  and then we found a cool coffeeshop called jo’s and hung out there.  i read and sipped a mocha, and marke listened to music and had tea.  and we were content blending in with the locals.

and then it was time to get to the airport and fly home.  we made it without incident.  and amy and roderick were in long beach to pick us up.  so in all, i had a really fun time with marke and hope we’ll do more traveling together.

sunday was a pretty lazy day.  i did some shopping because marke’s birthday is quickly approaching.  and i went out for ice cream (though i ended up with a smoothie instead) with lauren and roderick.

and it’s been a busy week so far.  life can get a little crazy and stressful, but i’m feeling pretty good tonight.  more soon.


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