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beautiful disaster

20 January 2009

tonight i think i’ll start with what’s coming up and then get to what i’ve been doing in the past week.

thursday morning, i’m headed to austin.  you might know i’ve been planning to be in austin on that date for a few months now.  that’s the only thing that’s stayed the same from the original plan to see brad paisley in concert in austin that night.  new company.  new transportation.  whole new plan.  long story short, marke and i are flying out there on thursday.  we’ll enjoy austin and san antonio for a few days, and then we’ll head back saturday night.  i’m so excited, even though it has all changed.  we’re going to have a great time!  i’ll let you know about what sorts of mischief we find there. ;)

so the past week has been fairly busy.  no surprises there.  church has been good.  work has been busy.  the gym has been challenging.

friday night, marke, chris (from work), and i hung out at chris’s place.  we had a delicious dinner at chick-fil-a.  seriously, i need that closer to where i live.  anyway, then we watched “the fall,” which was visually spectacular.  and marke was hilarious during the drive back north.  perhaps it was those last two swigs off the vodka and rum bottles.  we had to stop at this sketchy rest stop in the middle of nowhere.  awesome.  haha!

saturday, i hung around in the morning watching basketball before joining marke and roderick for some shopping.  not for me.  for marke.  apparently he needs new clothes, and i am always up for browsing, so we all had a good time hanging out.  and i spent the night hanging out, cleaning my messy apartment, and catching up with lots of tv.

sunday afternoon, i found myself playing dodgeball with about 20 people again.  it was a bit more instense this time around because it was a lot more guys than girls, but i held my own okay and had a really good time!  and then a few of us hung out afterwards at a’s burgers, which is always delicious. :)

i had a (rare) holiday from work.  i had to go in in the morning for about an hour to take care of an emergency.  and then i met up with marke, amy, twins jennifer and dana, and their mom nancy.  we all headed up to annajoy’s, way up in the mountains.  and from there, we went on an afternoon hike.  annajoy even brought justin on a horse.  it was a wonderfully gorgeous day out and from the ridge, the mountains and ocean looked especially amazing.  just stunning.  so we had a great hike. :)

and yesterday evening, i met up with lauren for dinner, so we could catch up.  it’d been too long since we’d seen each other and we had lots to talk about.  and then we both headed over to the women’s study.

and tonight, i picked up sprinkles and then went to see “rachel getting married,” which i thought was good and interesting and different, but not the best movie i’ve seen this year.  still, it was worth seeing.

so that’s about it for now.  :)


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