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13 January 2009

i’m here, alive, and well.  i know you’ve missed me. ;)  i’ll just get on with it, and if you get bored, check out the latest photos over on my flickr.

so adam and i made the long drive back to socal after a great visit home.  it was so wonderful to spend some quality time with friends and family while i was there, though i was also anxious to get back to my life here in san clemente.

about an hour after i made it home to my apartment, a bunch of my friends came over to hang out and watch some football.  it was so wonderful to fill my apartment with great friends immediately upon my return.  i missed them while i was away!  we watched the game and hung out and enjoyed being with each other.  we even played this silly party game called fax machine!  it was wonderful.

i went to see “gran torino” with roderick, chris, and chris’s stepbrother.  what a great movie!  it was amazing and funny and wonderful.  i love love loved it and think you definitely need to go see it.  it’s different than i expected.  anyway, go!  now! :)

i also went to see “revolutionary road.”  also brilliant and beautiful, though i don’t think it’s a movie for everyone.  it was also different than i thought it would be — not quite as depressing.  just really well done.

thursday night after a great  night at emmaus (you should go listen online), i hung out with a bunch of friends at in-n-out.  it was so much fun!  i mean, we pretty much always go out afterwards, but this was a particularly fun night.  loved it.

friday night, i went out with marke, annajoy, laura, amy, roderick, jen, and jen’s friend trevor.  we had dinner at macaroni grill (because someone let me actually pick out the restaurant!!!) and then went to see “milk.”  dinner was fab.  of course.  and the movie was well acted and well filmed and lacking in actual story.  still, i’m glad i saw it, even if i don’t think i’d watch it again.

saturday was going to be my mellow day, but lauren called and there was a change of (non)plans. :)  i met up with her after lunch and we went up to laguna.  we wandered around south laguna near the montage resort and through there.  i’d never been there before, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  oh, by the way, we are having ridiculous weather here right now.  85 degrees on the coast in january.  i am one happy camper!  anyway, then we made our way to downtown laguna and found great drinks (juice, not alcohol) at a little cafe and wandered around main beach.  and then we went further north in lagauna and did more walking along a coastal path.  so gorgeous.  and so fun. :)  and then we made our way up to newport for cupcakes from sprinkles.  what a great day!

saturday evening, i picked up marke and we went to a birthday party for lindsay at her new place.  it was fun to hang out with some people there for a while.  and then marke and i met up with annajoy and roderick for some late night bowling, which was way too much fun.  i actually beat marke in the first game by 34 (i think) point.  i love beating him because i never do! :)  anyway, we had a great time.

sunday was another busy one.  some friends came over to watch the chargers lose to the steelers.  then about 20 of us went to play dodgeball in a local tennis court.  what a great time!  grownups playing with big rubber playground balls!  it was so much fun, and i wouldn’t doubt that we do it again soon, though i’m told we’re doing kickball on this coming sunday.  and then a few of us hung around my apartment a while watching some tv.  it was a just a really nice day.

work’s also been keeping me quite busy.  (tentatively) i’m not working next week between the mlk holiday and me having tuesday through friday off for a trip to texas.  that means i have some work to do to make sure everything’s in order before i’m gone.  but it’ll be worth the work. :)

so anwyay, that’s the scoop.  more from me soon. :)

oh!  and i’m looking for people who want to go to new york in the next couple months.  seriously.  i need friends who want to and can go! :)


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