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brand new year

1 January 2009

happy new year, everyone!  and merry christmas!  and i hope you’re all doing very well.  i realize it’s been a very long time since i’ve updated, so i’m going to try to fill you in on everything that i’ve been up to, as well as let you know about what might be coming up as we kick off 2009.

currently, i am at home in san carlos, and i’m headed back home to san clemente on saturday.

so let’s go backwards first.  here’s a brief(ish) rundown of various goings on…

the rtc group had a christmas party this year.  we closed up the office early on a friday afternoon and then had a delicious dinner at maggiano’s and went to see a performance of “a christmas carol” at south coast rep.  it was a pretty good time, and i will take pretty much any excuse to eat dinner at maggiano’s. :)  after the party, i went up to la to pick up adam so he could hang out with me for the weekend.  he’d just finished up finals for his fall quarter, and then was headed home for his winter break.  i made him take me to diddy riese for ice cream sandwiches.  mmm… more delicious food!

adam mostly came to visit me so we could spend most of a saturday at the john wooden classic, which is a double-header of college basketball.  we both basically worship john wooden (so legendary), so we wanted to catch a glimpse of him in person, as well as see some good basketball.  it was a good time.  then we raced back to my apartment to get ready for the party.

what party?  well, we threw roderick a huge birthday party at my apartment.  i made lumpia (like the filipino version of eggrolls) for him because no filipino party is complete without lumpia.  marke made a massive, delicious lasagna.  other people brought other food, and we pretty much packed the apartment with people.  it was a huge success, and i’m so glad we did it!

i had a movie night at my place, and we watched “dark knight.”  not “a knight’s tale.”  both feature heath ledger; i can see how it’s confusing.  haha!  anyway, it’s nice to have friends over on a random monday night to just hang out.

there was more birthday cake for roderick on his actual birthday because lauren had a bunch of us over to her house after emmaus.  we had fun hanging out, and it was much quieter than the previous party so we got to really enjoy each other’s company more.

there are lots of movie nights, it turns out.  i went to a big one at nikki and jen’s house to watch “elf,” which is an excellent choice around the holidays. :)

i had a very busy saturday with lots of different friends.  i love when days come together like this one did.  it started with lunch out with lauren and nikki.  we had great thai food!  and then i met up with dana to try out scuba diving.  it was really, really cool to get to try in a pool and just learn what it’s all about.  basically, it was a free private lesson.  and we even got to take a photo with a scuba diving santa!  hooray for trying new things!  and then that evening, i met up with chris, and we went to see this band called the union line play at oc tavern.  he’s good friends with some of the guys in the band, which makes it even more fun to see them.  they were actually quite good!

and i had a busy sunday with all sorts of little things, as well.  i worked on a few little design projects, and i baked my christmas cookies (which turned out beautifully but a tiny bit too salty).  then i went christmas caroling at an assisted living home with the kids from emmaus and then went to the emmaus christmas party.  so busy but so much christmas fun!

before leaving town for a week and a half, i wanted to see my friends, so i threw a little dinner/game night at my apartment.  i made delicious mac and cheese, and everyone else helped out with the sides.  it was so nice to see everyone there just hanging out and realxing and enjoying each other.  i love nights like that! :)

two days before christmas, i made the long drive home to san carlos.  it took me over 9 hours, when it should have taken 7.5, but i made it safely and really without incident.

christmas eve was spent hanging out with adam.  we did some last-second christmas shopping.  :)  and then we had dinner with some family, and i made them play hoopla with me!  it was really fun! :)  and then adam and i went to midnight mass with our cousin theresa.  after mass, we drove down eucalyptus street in san carlos to look at all the lights.  it was rainy and beautiful! :)

on christmas day, the whole family came over to our house for our (late) lunch.  it was good to see everyone, but it was the first day of this terrible cold i’ve been fighting, so i spent a lot of the day curled up on the couch feeling pretty awful.  i even napped through part of the afternoon.  at least i got to be miserable at home.

when i’m up here, i love to see all my girlfriends, so i had a fabulous dinner at il fornaio with  katherine, annahita, and tiffany.  we dined at 7:30.  we had planned on seeing a movie at 9:30 or 10:30.  we talked at the restaurant until 11:15 when they were really closing down, so we moved over to a frozen yogurt shop and talked for another hour or so.  we had lots and lots of catching up to do, apparently!  it was a blast! :)

sarah came down from woodland to hang out with me for a day.  we had a great pizza lunch at toto’s before shopping at stanford and enjoying cupcakes at the new sprinkles there.  and then we went down to santana row for more shopping and a great dinner at maggiano’s.  it was really a perfect day for us: shopping and eating! :)

adam turned 20.  i can hardly believe it.  mom threw a party for him here at the house, which was fun.  i played lots and lots of mah jong with grandma and didn’t do too badly!  i’m usually pretty terrible, so it feels like a pretty big achievement that i won several rounds.  plus, it’s good to hang out with grandma a bit.

mel loves pizookie as much as i do, so mel, meg, and i had a fun little dinner at bj’s together.  i love those girls.  we also talk and talk and talk. :)

on new year’s eve day, i dragged my family on an outing with me.  they might deny it, but they loved it!  first, we went to an open space preserve off skyline boulevard and took a little hike through the redwoods.  it was absolutely beautiful, and i will definitely be going back there again for more hiking!  i love that i live so close to the city and so close to places like that that feel so remote.  next up, we had lunch at duarte’s tavern in the tiny town of pescadero.  we bought an olallieberry pie.  apparently, that’s not a made up berry.  ;)  it was delicious!  and then we went up to half moon bay and walked around main street.  the whole day was really delightful and different and great.

on new year’s eve, i went out to dinner at gordon biersch with jackie, annahita, and katherine.  and then annahita and i went over to meg’s house for a party.  we hung out there with meg’s friends until after midnight, when we bailed because we were both feeling pretty sick.  but still, it was a good new year’s eve.

and today, i went up to the city with megs for an afternoon of shopping.  it was so cold out, but we did manage to have a good time shopping. :)  i didn’t buy much, but it was still a good time.  and then we had a very delicious dinner at sneakers here in san carlos.  and the family was hanging out here when i got home, so i got to see them, which was cool.  it turned out to be a more fun day than i had expected.

and now for what’s coming up…

adam and i are driving back to socal on saturday.  i already have my first gathering at my place planned for saturday night.  we’re going to watch the chargers in the playoffs.  mostly, i’m just looking forward to seeing my friends down there!

i’m trying to nail down some good travel plans for this year.  i’ll let you know as they develop. :)

i’ll be back at the gym as soon as i’m back in san clemente.  i’m feeling a lot better, but this cold is still lingering longer than i would have liked.

i think that’s about it for right now.  more from me soon…


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