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18 November 2008

what a week it has been.  busy as ever.  happy as ever. :)  i’ll try to be brief (though i often fail at that).

work’s been very busy, but it’s also been going well.  some days i don’t accomplish enough; other days, i accomplish more than i thought possible.  the days have been flying by with all the work, and i think that’s a good thing.  anyway, i’m enjoying it, despite it being a lot.  also, i think it has really helped me that lately i’ve had lots of other things going on in my life, which forces me to stay on task during the workday because i cannot stay late to continue working.  i think my life is balancing out nicely.

the new taylor swift album came out on tuesday.  marke’s hooked.  yes, music snob marke.  i love it! :)  oh, and the album is really good if you like taylor.  and i do. :)

wednesday night, i went from work to zoe for their wednesday night service.  i ended up hanging out with some friends afterwards.  i love it when that happens.  anyway, after a bit of discussion, chris, tyler, roderick, lauren, chad, and i ended up picking up dinner at a’s burger and then coming over to my place.  we ate and then watched the cma’s.  i always love the cma’s because they’re pretty much one big concert with lots and lots of performers i like. :)  chris and i are really the only country lovers, so there was lots of us telling everyone else who’s who.  still, it was really fun to sit and watch with some friends.  we stayed up too late.  it was lovely.

on thursday, i took off from work early and made the long trek up to malibu to pepperdine.  an old professor, ginger, asked me to be on a panel of judges in one of her advertising classes.  four groups of students pitched campaigns for toms shoes.  they were quite impressive, and i had a wonderful time asking questions and providing feedback for the students.  plus, it’s always fun to be back in malibu because it’s one of the most gorgeous places around.  i love it.  and it was also so great to see ginger and catch up with her for a few minutes.  we’re going to try to meet up again soon and catch up more thoroughly.  after the class let out, i went over to westwood to meet up with adam.  we had a late dinner at bj’s and even made it across the street for an ice cream sandwich from diddy riese.  all around, it was delicious! :)  and then i headed back home pretty late.  it was a really good trip up there.

friday after work, i headed to the dana point yacht club to have drinks (or diet coke) with john and some other people from work.  kind of have to make an appearance at these things.  and then i headed up to the spectrum to a huge birthday dinner for allison, a friend from emmaus.  there were tons of people gathered at the cheesecake factory to celebrate with her, and it was so much fun!  and then most of us headed over to dave and buster’s afterwards for pool and video games and such.  it’s not a place i normally hang out, but i ended up having a really good time with my friends there.  skeeball is my favorite, but it was also fun to try out some other games, mostly ones where i shot stuff.  again, i was up too late. :)

on saturday, marke, amy, chris, chris’s friend kate, and i drove up to la to go to amoeba music.  i didn’t need anything, but i always find wonderful things to buy there.  the drive up was strange because the skies were full of smoke almost the whole way.  crazy fires.  crazy socal.  anyway, we made it to la, and i found way more than i planned to.  mostly country and bluegrass.  i’m slowly working my way through everything, trying to spend some time with each album before moving on to the next.  once we were back in orange county, amy, chris, and i had delicious thai food for dinner and then drove around a bit before making our way to saddleback church (home of rick warren of purpose driven life fame).  it’s a sight to see.  i know that sounds silly.  it’s not like the vatican at all.  but anyway, we played tourists and wandered around there on a gorgeous night.  mostly though, i’m just thankful for the quality time with friends.

yesterday (sunday) was my chore day.  about time.  i’d been putting stuff off for ages.  but i think my life is fully back in order now. :)

and today was a good day, as well.  it was really busy, but in a good way.  i like that i just went and went and went.  work.  errands.  bible study.  gym.  talked to the family.  caught a little college basktball.  worked on planning a trip a bit.

so i i think i need to crash.  i need some sleep before another busy day and another busy week.  more soon.


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