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10 November 2008

well, look who finds herself back at the computer to write only a couple days after her last post! ;)  haha!  i’m doing my best.

highlights from the weekend…

on saturday night, i went to a birthday party for two friends from emmaus, jr and jake.  some people cooked a pretty traditional turkey dinner, and then everyone else helped with sides, drinks, and dessert.  anyway, it turned out to be a huge party, but i had a wonderful time talking to lots of different friends and hanging out all night.  i’m not even sure what in particular made it awesome, but it was. :)

sunday afternoon, marke, marke’s dad john, amy, nikki, jen, roderick, lindsay, and i all went to see the ducks play the florida panthers at the pond.  it was a good deal and fun to get to a hockey game after a couple years, though it turned out not to be a very good game.  the ducks scored their only goal a minute into the game, and there weren’t any fights until there were 30(ish) seconds left in the game.  the rest of the game was pretty quiet.  anyway, it was still good fun, and we’ll be back at more hockey games. :)

and now i’m back into another busy week, but while i’m working away, you should check out my flickr for new photos, including the ones from the big birthday party! :)


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