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8 November 2008

jimminy crickets.  i’ve failed miserably at updating more frequently.  if it’s any consolation, it’s not because i’ve been getting in any extra sleep.  if you want the cliffs notes version: life’s awesome and i’m having way too much fun.  but here we go.  a big update on life lately.

halloween.  okay, so halloween isn’t really my holiday, but there was enough going on that i participated in celebrating it.  i found myself some fun ladybug wings at a costume shop and fashioned a headband with antennae.  it was cute enough and wearable enough.  :)  anyway, i dressed up at work because we usually do that there.  and after a pizza lunch during which we watched “monster house” on the projector, we got to go home early!  awesome!  and in the evening, i went to a huge costume party at some friends’ house, with all the emmaus people.  it was pretty fun, despite me being allergic to their house.  i spent lots of time hanging out outside with friends, anyway, so it was fine.  i even played a bit of “soccer” (you can hardly call what we played soccer) in the park with chris, janet, and travis.  anyway, it was a good time.  i’m still working on tracking down a few of the photos.

i spent last saturday with friends but not doing a ton.  i finished reading “tribes” while lauren studied in a coffeeshop, and then we went for a long walk at the beach in dana point, where i used to go for walks all the time.  and then we met up with chris for a quick dinner before going to his dad’s house to watch “3:10 to yuma,” which i’d never seen before.  awesome movie!  and dana ended up joining us halfway through the movie, too.  it’s always good to see her.  and we hung around a while trying to decide what else we might do.  chris put on a hat.  and we went to get frozen yogurt at cherry on top just before they closed.  it was rainy and fun and a good saturday night.

on sunday, meg and noah came to visit.  they’d been in la for a few days visiting various people, and i was their last stop before they headed back home to palo alto.  we had lunch on del mar and walked down to the beach and the pier and everything, so they got a proper tour of san clemente.  it was good to just wander around town like that, because i don’t do that so much on my own.  and after relaxing for a bit at my place, we went over to beachfire in ladera to see travis and his brother nathan play music.  meg and noah got to meet some of my emmaus friends, and all of us had a good time hanging out, listening to music, and eating a bit.  i’d say it was a pretty chill way to spend a sunday night.  oh!  and at 8:30, they brought around warm cookies for everyone!  that’s awesome.  bar.  music.  friends.  cookies. :)

monday night, i went to zoe (that’s the church where emmaus is held) to hear marke’s dad/pastor john talk about reading the bible, which was an interesting session, if not particularly new material for me.  i guess that’s to be expected after 17 years of christian schooling.  anyway, i was still glad i went.  and afterwards, a few of us went for frozen yogurt. :)

tuesday night, while much of the country was glued to tv sets for election results, i went out.  (by 8, i knew the presidential race was over already anyway.)  chris and i had been looking forward to the new brad paisley album, “play,” for a while now, and it finally came out!  so we decided we’d have a little listening event.  chris, travis, lauren, roderick, dana, and i all met up at in-n-out.  we had a little bit to eat and chatted a while, and then dana, chris, and i went out to my car and blasted the album and enjoyed.  it was wonderful!  it’s almost all guitar-driven instrumental, though it does also feature a great duet with keith urban, “start a band.”  anyway, the whole evening was really fun and a good distraction from the seemingly-endless politics discussions that day.

i was exhausted on wednesday.  just spent.  that’s how it goes sometimes.  so i went to work and went to church and got to bed early.

last night (thursday), i went to emmaus, like usual, though i did pick up nikki on my way.  anyway, it was good.  and busy!  and afterwards, i ended up at alberts tacos having a dance party in the parking lot with dana, roderick, and travis.  yes, me, dancing in an empty parking lot in the middle of the night.  it was awesome.  and later we were joined by chris, too.  and we hung out there until like 1am just enjoying being with each other, and i love nights like that.

today also turned out excellently.  after a busy enough day at work, i was ready for some fun.  i met up with chris for a bit of shopping.  he found jeans.  i found no shoes (though i may continue searching tomorrow).  we both tried on more than enough ridiculous sunglasses.  and then we met up with roderick, lauren, and tyler to go watch travis play some music.  and dinner at cheesecake factory followed.  we hung out all evening and had a nice time.  i’m a happy girl. :)

one more thing.  we’ve been doing crossword puzzles at work.  and we’re getting better.  it’s way too much nerdy fun.  :)

and so i guess i should wrap this up.  more soon.  keep checking for new updates and photos and such.


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