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20 October 2008

well, i continue to be a slacker about writing here.  things have been going really well around here, and i’ve seemed to continue to be quite busy.  or at least busy enough.  i’ll just cover some highlights…

on wednesday, chris and i went to see chris cagle at the house of blues in anaheim.  it’s fun to know someone who enjoys the same music as i do and can do stuff like go to a random concert on a wednesday night.  :)  the show was really good.  chris cagle has loads of energy on stage, and i always got the impression he was completely happy to be up on that stage performing for the crowd.  and speaking of the crowd, it was a solid one with lots of energy (and beer), but not so rowdy as to be really distracting.  so anyway, we had a good time.  :)

thursday night’s time at emmaus was really good.  dave spoke on baptism, which brings me back to my own baptism and confirmation.  it was all in preparation for saturday night, but more on that later.  anyway, after emmaus, i went with a bunch of others to in-n-out for a late night snack.  mmm… french fries dipped in a chocolate shake were just what i wanted! :)  plus, spending time with those characters is fun.

after work on friday, i met up with fellow sharks fan chris at bj’s.  we sat in the bar and found a tv to watch the sharks take on the ducks, since the tickets to actually go to the pond were a bit pricey.  and somehow amidst confusing planning, a bunch of other people met up with us just about the time the second period was getting under way.  so a whole bunch of us hung out and watched the game (or at least a few of us did) and whatever.  it was a good time, except for the part where the sharks got shut out and we got texts from ducks fan marke, who was actually at the game.  ;)  anyway, after we left there, roderick, lauren, jr, tyler, and i headed back here to my apartment to hang out a bit.  and then a bit later, dressed in… well… things like helmets and long coats and paintball gear, chris, dana, and jennifer stormed in!  haha!  and then all of us ran out to the park that’s sort of behind the apartment complex for a game of hide and seek in the dark.  it was lots of fun, even when the sprinklers came on as we were leaving.  it was silly and random and great. :)  and then we hung out a while longer around the apartment just enjoying each other’s company, listening to some music, and watching youtube videos.  anyway, it was a really wonderful friday night, i’d say. :)

after sleeping in nice and late, i spent a good portion of saturday baking an apple pie.  mmm!  and then i brought that with me to an emmaus event that’s going to be hard for me to describe, quite honestly.  it was a baptism of several people from emmaus, and it was incredible.  no, i was not baptized on saturday.  (for some reason, i keep getting that question.)  i was baptized as a baby and confirmed as a teenager.  anyway, several people were baptized in a swimming pool in someone’s yard and the whole thing was really amazing.  and it was quite a celebration, with a huge potluck and party afterwards.  i’m just grateful to have been witness to it all.  i’m going through a ton of photos from amy’s camera (mostly taken by roderick), and i’ll post them on my flickr soon.  i’m really planning on posting only a small number (20ish) of them, though, and they’ll likely be very unrepresentative of the event as a whole.  they will, however, be photos of my friends and me.  i’ll post again when they’re up.  anyway, it was a really cool event.  afterwards, a bunch of us went to see “burn after reading,” which i enjoyed just as much the second time around.

there are other things going on, but that covers the major stuff.  work’s good.  church is good.  i had a nice sunday that included some work and some relaxing.  i went to a women’s bible study tonight.

anyway, i think that’s enough out of me for the moment, but i’ll be back again soon.


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