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alive, finally

13 October 2008

i’ve been busy!  it’s been wonderful.

work has been keeping me busy, as usual.  it’s fun to have marke back in the office, and he even moved out of his office and into the main art department room to the desk that faces mine.  there’s lots of chatter all day in that room, and it’s really fun.  adam, who is a part-time guy doing something with the marketing people, moved into marke’s office (we’re running out of offices) and all the american decorations remain.  it’s pretty funny.  it’s good he’s pretty chill and seems to be able to endure all the nonsense of the art department.  anyway, life there is good.  oh!  and we’re now getting the wall street journal (the actual paper!  so retro! ;)) and doing nyt crossword puzzles, so basically we’re pretending we’re proper grownups.  haha!  it’s awesome.

last tuesday, i met up with lauren after work for another evening of hiking followed by dinner.  it was as fun as ever. :)  i think it’s nice to get outside and enjoy this area we live in, and i love that lauren wants italian food for dinner as often as i do.  we always seem to have a good time hanging out together.

on wednesday, i met up with nikki for dinner.  we tried to go to mimi’s but they were strangely closed for remodeling so we went over to the corner bakery.  mmm… i like that place.  i should go there more often.  we had a good dinner and got to talk a lot, and then we went back to her apartment and watched that night’s episode of “project runway,” which was awesome.  i love that they did bridal pieces! :)  anyway, nikki’s pretty rad, so i’m glad we got to hang out a bit.

thursday night at emmaus was good.  i don’t think i can explain it and do dave’s message any justice.  suffice it to say that i, too, love church, and i feel like i have my head and hands pressed against the divide between earth and heaven.

and then there was my weekend, which turned out to be really fun.  i had pretty much no plans as of friday afternoon, but everything came together nicely.  it’s so great when that happens!

friday night, i went out for dinner and a movie with amy, roderick, hanssel, chris, and some of chris’s friends from school.  well, that’s sort of a huge simplification of how it actually went, but i don’t think the details will really change how you read about it.  anyway, dinner was good, and i ended up seeing “appaloosa” instead of “quarantine.”  it was a good night out, if stranger than i might have expected.

saturday morning i was up early to get my hair cut with bobby!!!  i love getting my hair cut, and as far as bobby and i can remember, i hadn’t done it since last december.  that is a long time!  anyway, he cut off probably 7 inches, but i’m the only person who can tell.  it looks much healthier, though.  anyway, i love it!  i’m excited about it!  i don’t care that no one else really notices. :)  also, it was nice to catch up with bobby a bit.  it’d been a long time.

as i was leaving the salon, lauren called and said she was going to a cafe to study for a few hours and wanted to know if i wanted to join her, so i ran home, picked up a book, and met her and marke there.  she studied, marke watched a movie, and i read “tribes,” which is good.  i’m not sure how much studying lauren actually got done, but it was cool to hang out.

after that, i ran a couple errands and hit the gym for a run.  and then i rushed home, cleaned up the apartment, cleaned up myself, and was drying my hair when friends started arriving.  roderick, tyler, hanssel, lauren, marke, one of lauren’s friends ashley, and maybe others that i’m forgetting at this moment, all came over for what was meant to be movie night.  we ended up doing lots and lots of hanging out before we ever got to watching “rushmore,” but the entire night was just relaxed and easy and fun.  :)

sunday started with another trip to the gym and then 12:30 mass.  then i picked up some groceries and headed home.  i took a little nap, and then there were people knocking on my door again!  i hosted a viewing of patriots-chargers game in the afternoon.  :)  a lot of people came over, probably more than have even been in my apartment all at one time.  it was pretty awesome.  lots of people watched the game and lots of people didn’t.  we all just hung out and enjoyed being with each other.  this is how i like my apartment, full of people just relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.  marke said he was glad to see my apartment alive.  i agree.

and now i’m working on another busy week.  :)  more from me soon.


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