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everything is fine

6 October 2008

well, things around here have been pretty good! :)

tonight, i am thinking i have a touch of a cold or something, but i’m taking it easy and i hope it’ll be gone quickly.  i have some time to write because i’m just hanging out around the apartment.

last tuesday, it was a gorgeous day out here.  so hot, in fact, that it was hot out by the coast.  i decided i couldn’t resist the temptation to just take a drive right up pch, so i got in the car, turned the music way up, rolled the windows down, and drove.  it was awesome and beautiful. :)  i love it here.

on thursday, james, chris, and i finally made the lunchtime trek up to irvine to have chick-fil-a.  we’ve been talking about doing that about every other day for months now.  it was awesome!  sometimes it’s cool to just have lunch in a ridiculous place. :)

thursday night’s emmaus session was a good one.  mellow and good.  and i really enjoyed talking to some people and hanging around in-n-out until the middle of the night.  the highlights were talking with dana in her car and nate pretending to stab tyler in the stomach with tyler’s wooden sword he’d been carrying around all night. :)  silly boys!

lots of my friday at work was spent doing things that are hard to consider “work.”  we had a long company lunch at romano’s to celebrate stacy’s impending wedding.  in the afternoon, the boys and i blew up lots of balloons, but more on that later.  it was a good friday at work, i’d say. :)

friday night, i met up with lauren, roderick, chris, jennifer, dana, travis, jared, and amy up in aliso to see a late showing of “eagle eye.”  i wasn’t involved in choosing this movie, and didn’t even know much about it before seeing it.  it turned out to be really fun but not really good, and it was full of really blatant product placement that made me laugh.  anyway, it was definitely entertaining.  there are photos of us at the movies here (because who doesn’t take photos at the movies?):

saturday, after taking care of a couple quick errands, i drove out into the mountains to where annajoy lives.  it’s quite the trek, but it’s also a really beautiful drive.  she had a party because her son, justin, turned three years old!  he’s very adorable. :)  anyway, the party was fun, and i enjoyed hanging around with lots of friends and lots of kids running around.  even if the day was kind of gray.  there are some photos of the party here:

saturday evening, i headed to emmaus’s oral history night at the carlucci home.  we had a fun potluck dinner, and then allison shared her life story.  it was really interesting, and i enjoyed hearing about someone’s life that was just so different from mine.

and i was up bright and early sunday morning so i could make it to 9am mass.  and then i came home long enough to sit still for a few minutes and get changed before heading up to la.  i met up with sarah and russell at the grove.  i love the grove. :)  we had lunch at maggiano’s and then wandered around a little bit.  and then we decided to go over to the sprinkles cupcakes shop in beverly hills, which was fun except that they have no tables where we could sit and enjoy our cupcakes.

after leaving sarah and russell, i headed over to ucla to pick up adam.  i dragged him to the hammer musuem to see their exhibition on john lautner, a famous american architect.  it was free this weekend, which made it easy to go just for a little bit to check it out.  really cool. :)  next up, we drove out to hollywood to amoeba music, where i browsed for a long time.  i’m working on learning more about country music and listening to the older legends, so i ended up picking up lots of really old stuff.  should be awesome to sort through over the next few weeks.  also, i’m getting into modern bluegrass a lot more, so i picked up some of that, too.  i really spent more than i had intended there, but it was all on stuff i know i’ll enjoy.  anyway, adam and i were hungry after leaving there, so we did dinner at chipotle, because we love eating there and i never get to.  it was delicious! :)  and then i brought him back to his house and i headed home.  it was a long day up in la, but i really enjoyed all of it!

marke returned from his 23-day trip to europe yesterday, and he was back in the office this morning.  while he was out, we decorated his office in lots of american-themed ways.  there were flags and stars and a giant poster of a bald eagle kissing sarah palin that read “welcome back to america, marke!”  and then we filled the office with 450+ red, white, and blue balloons.  they filled the office about 6 feet high.  and when he arrived at work this morning, he agreed that it was a pretty awesome prank! :)  the photos from us putting the whole office together and marke discovering it are here:

and tonight has been interesting.  it’s the night my old friends have all decided they should get in touch, which is pretty amazing.  it’s like they knew i was just hanging out on the couch trying to give my body a break and get healthy.  first of all, i got a package in the mail from katie!  i talk to her voicemail all the time, but i hadn’t actually heard from her in like a year!  it was so wonderful to hear about how she’s doing.  now i just need her to call! ;)  and then bobby called, and we hadn’t caught up in about 6 months.  i need a haircut, and he wants to do some design work, so we’ll be back in touch with one another again very soon.  sounds like his life has been a bit nuts but is settling down now.  and then katherine called, and i’d desperately been trying to talk to her for like 2 weeks now, so we got all caught up.

and i think that’s about it!  more fun is scheduled for the coming days, so that’s cool.  i’ll write again soon.


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