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29 September 2008

i got grilled at work today, but in way you might not expect.

this morning, in a conversation that started out being about someone else, the ceo of the company i work for decided he wanted to ask me all sorts of things about my personal life.  this is normal behavior for john; i’m just not usually his question-ee.  and really, it doesn’t bother me that much because i know john quickly tires of hearing about my scandal-free life.

he was less than excited about my responses to his inquiries.  apparently he doesn’t want to hear that there’s not much going on as far as my love life is concerned.  really, he didn’t actually believe me when i told him this.  and then he went on to ask me about my ideal man in mostly superficial terms.  preferred age/career/hair color?  marine or fireman?  artsy or sporty?  and of course, he was also not satisfied when i told him that i’m not picking out a man from a checklist like that.  and i didn’t get the chance to explain that i’m not even really on this supreme quest for a man; i’m living my own life.  i was saved by a phone call from his brother.

still, it is a strange way to start the work week.


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