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28 September 2008

it’s been a few more really good days since i last updated.  in some ways, it seems as though i’ve actually done very little.  in others, it seems as though life’s been kind of big and important.  i have no idea if i have the words for this tonight.  i haven’t had the words for much all weekend.  sometimes, i’d just rather do the listening, i think.

so on thursday night, i went to emmaus, which was good enough in and of itself.  afterwards, though, a bunch of us went over to lauren’s because she had lots of leftover dessert from a bridal shower she’d thrown earlier that night.  awesome.  i love pie! :)  and we ended up hanging out there for the rest of the night, just talking and whatever.  it was a good time.

friday was spent working hard all day, which is fine.  i had the music on my ipod loudly pumping through my headphones, and i just kept my head down and worked.  and i’d gotten a lot done by the end of the day, which is awesome.  my inbox, which tends to get out of control, is down to three messages, so i’m feeling pretty awesome about things. :)

friday night was quiet.  i was really tired, so i caught up on a little tv and tucked myself in early for some good sleep.

saturday morning, after a workout, i decided to go over to the movie theatre and see “rent.”  not the movie, but a recording of the broadway show.  it was like a special event sort of thing.  anyway, it was wonderful simply because i love that show.  it was filmed a little strangely, i thought, because you couldn’t see the whole stage the whole time, so it’s just a different experience than actually being in a theatre.  anyway, it will tide me over until i can see a proper stage production.  brilliant music, though.  “no day but today!”

then on my way home from there, i ended up completely turning around and meeting up with chris.  we went to see travis and his brother play music at a local festival, kind of like hometown days in san carlos (if you’re familiar).  basically, it was just a little local festival with food and contests for kids, and a little “stage” for performances and lots of people just hanging out.  so anyway, we hung out and listened to travis and had some lemonade.  it was just really chill, and it was a gorgeous day to be outside.  and then we kind of tooled around town and around the best buy talking about music and just hanging out.  and we found out some friends were having a movie night, so we picked up lots of sodas and headed over there for “the jerk” and “kung pao: enter the fist.”  lots of people were there, and it was good to see them.  and we took off early(ish), knowing we both had to be up really early this morning.  it was a fun night. :)

this morning, my alarm went off at 6.  that’s not awesome on a sunday (or really any day), but it was for a good reason.  lauren, lauren’s friend meredith, chris, and i met up and headed up to newport beach together to participate in a komen race for the cure 5k run/walk.  there were loads of people there, and after the real runners at the very start, the rest of the course was filled with a sea of slow-moving people.  it was so packed that it would have been hard to do much running, though we did attempt it for about the last 3/4 mile or so.  it just involved lots of weaving around people.  seriously, a sea of people filled the entire 3.1 miles.  anyway, it was still a good thing to get out and do, even if none of us worked as hard as we thought we might.

my afternoon was consumed by an unplanned nap, though i will admit i should have known it would happen when i laid down on the couch and put the football game on.   oops!  haha!  :)  anyway, my chiefs won this morning for the first time since last october, so that’s awesome!

and tonight, i went up to st. edwards for 5:30 mass, which was really good.  i like that mass a lot, even though i don’t go to it very often.  plus, i think i needed the time to think or pray or whatever.

and i’m just hanging out now.  i think i’ll watch the season premiere of “brothers and sisters,” one of my favorite shows, and then crash right away.  it’s been a good weekend, and i’m looking forward to another week.


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