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24 September 2008

well, it’s been a good first half of the week. :)

first of all, we’ve been having the first slow week at work that we’ve seen in at least 3 months (though it’s probably more accurate to say 5).  we need it.  we’ve been working at full speed for way, way too long.  anyway, i am taking advantage of the time to pause and think about design.  so great!  it’ll pick up really quickly, i am certain, so i’m just enjoying the time while i have it.

monday was a total chore day.  i did a little grocery shopping and lots of laundry.  i needed to sort of catch up with myself, and i did actually get a lot done.  except the vacuuming.  there was none of that.  oh!  and my next door neighbors were having a crazy party!  like drinking, smoking, cussing, singing, dancing, video gaming, crazy party.  on a monday.  good thing i was pretty exhausted and slept right through most of it. :)

yesterday, i hung out with chris (from emmaus) after work/gym.  we had been talking about listening to the new eli young band album for nearly a week, but we finally made that happen.  we did dinner at el ranchito, which is always pretty delicious, and then came here and listened to lots of music.  it’s about time i know someone around here who likes country music, don’t you think? :)  anyway, that was a good time, and i’m more motivated to go back and listen to some older country guys i never spent much time with, like i did with hank williams tonight.

tonight, i met up with lauren right after work.  we went for a walk on this path out in the hills in san clemente right near where she works (which is actually quite close to where i work and live, as well).  it was a gorgeous evening (like 80 degrees), and i enjoyed just talking with her.  and then we went to have dinner at sonny’s.  i love that lauren wants italian food as often as i do, which is basically always.  :)  we’re enjoying our walks and dinners, and i think we’re going to continue to work our way through the whole menu at sonny’s.  it’s good! :)

and one more mildly interesting piece of news: i’m participating in a komen race for the cure 5k on sunday (thanks to the invite from lauren), so i wanted to know if i could actually run an entire 5k.  i mean, i just hadn’t in a long time.  i tend to do lots of intervals stuff.  anyway, on monday night, i figured i would just go for it and see what happened.  turns out i can totally run 3.1 miles, which is good to know. :)  i was pretty stoked on myself when i finished.  anyway, i’m not really a runner (much to the chagrin of my father, i think), but at least i know i can do that.

okay, i’m off for tonight, but more soon.


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