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thank you for the lovely evening

21 September 2008

tonight i am taking full advantage of the free wifi at the san jose airport. :)  might as well write while i’m waiting for my plane.  here goes…

after a decidedly un-busy day at work on friday, i went home, threw a bunch of stuff in a suitcase, and headed for the airport.  i had an empty, uneventful flight up here to san jose, where my parents picked me up and brought me home.  my mom commented (first thing upon seeing me) that i’m skinnier.  i saw her a month ago.  there’s no way i’m noticably skinnier than when i last saw her.  i’m just a bigger person in her head, i think, than i am in real life.  whatever.  it is sort of a backhanded compliment but a compliment nonetheless.  i’ll take it.

after a bit of sleep, i was up saturday morning.  strangely, mom decided that’d be the one day this year when she’d sleep in.  she never sleeps in.  ever.  but there i was awake and hanging out with dad while she slept.  it was all very odd.  anyway, she eventually got up and headed out.  we did a delicious lunch at chipotle (mmm!) and then wandered around best buy because i like to do that sometimes.  i picked up the newest george strait album, troubador.  haven’t listened yet.

after a quick stop home, we all headed down out again.  they’re looking for a new oven/stove/microwave, so they wanted to browse some store.  it was really not that interesting, but whatever.  this is how my parents buy things.  they look for a long, long time.  and then eventually choose.  anyway, the next stop was stanford shopping center, where i got to browse in my favorite store, j.crew, before meeting up with katherine.

katherine’s dad kind of randomly had two free tickets to the stanford-san jose state football game, so he gave them to us!  we walked to the stadium from the shopping center and met up with uncle ken, auntie lily, and a bunch of their friends, who were all tailgating.  by the way, if you ever want a rad place to tailgate, it’s at stanford stadium because the parking lot is dirt and all covered in old oak trees and stuff.  it’s rad.  anyway, uncle ken and company make a big deal of hanging out together at this game every year, so they had tons of food and stuff.  it was cool and nice of them to let us crash the party. :)  and then it was game time, so kath and i took our seats, which were pretty decent.  i hadn’t been to the stadium since they’d rebuilt it.  it’s really nice and makes more sense now, even if it’s lost a bit of the charm.  so we enjoyed the game and some awesome garlic fries and a chance to just catch up with each other.  and then the cardinal won!  that was like a super bonus!  anyhow, the game was a really good time, and i’m so glad we decided to go. :)

after the game, we headed to downtown palo alto a little cafe for desserts and coffee.  since meg lives a few blocks from there, i decided to give her a call and see where she was.  turned out she was walking right by but across the street!  sweet!  so we met up and said hi and such, but she was out with some other friends so she left.  kath and i hung out a while longer and just talked.  i really do think we just needed time to be with each other.  we go so long between visits.

this morning, mom, dad, and i went up to the city and picked up grandma for an early morning breakfast at ihop. we helped her with a few chores around the house, too, before taking off.

i met meg at her work (the apple store in downtown palo alto), and we did a delicious pizza lunch together.  we also needed some face time to catch up.  it’s just not quite the same over the phone, and we had plenty to talk about in our one hour.

this afternoon, i hung out with the parents around the house for a while.  and then dad and i went out for a walk.  it looked nice and sunny out.  it was actually quite blustry and the air was crisp, though.  but still, we walked up the hill and found great views of the bay and the mountains and everything.  it was really nice to do, even though the weather wasn’t awesome.  it’s just so us.  i loved it.

and then i got cleaned up and packed.  and now i’m back at the airport.  these weekend trips fly by so quickly.  anyway, i’m glad i took the time to come up here, even though i wasn’t needing it as badly as i am some other times.

tonight, i’ll get home pretty late but i’ll try to catch up on the emmys a bit and then crash.  i hope i have another good week ahead of me.  more soon…


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