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i cry right along with the sky

19 September 2008

you know, that’s a terrible title for a post tonight.  i mean, it’s not raining and i’m not crying.  i’m doing quite well.  but for some reason, that little portion of song is running through my head.  so there you have it.

this week has felt completely atypical and totally wonderful and just right.  i don’t know.  i’m just doing well.

first of all, just know i’ve been working my butt off all week.  we’ve been so busy, and it seems that all of us are putting in extra hours to try to get the projects under control.  i think we might have everything in order now, though.  finally.  but then again, who knows what tomorrow holds?  so i’ve been in the office a lot this week, and currently the entire top of my desk is covered in paper.

okay, and then there was fun stuff each day!  woot!

monday, i met up with roderick for lunch.  he wanted a little help with an invitation/flier for a wedding shower for some people at church.  i have the ability and resources, so i agreed.  plus, looking at something girly and totally different from my regular work is fun. :)  so anyway, we had lunch and discussed this little project and just chatted.  it was a great break in the middle of a long, hectic day.

tuesday night, after another long day of work and washing the car, i met up with chris (from emmaus, not work.  i need other nicknames for all the chrises) at golden spoon for dessert and a long talk.  it was somehow perfect–after all the busyness of the previous days–to sit still and just talk.

you know, a random trip to a frozen yogurt shop is totally something i’d do with my close friends from home or pepp or whatever.  i think it’s awesome that i’m now doing those sorts of things with some people here.  it’s been a long time coming, i know.  i’m moving in the right direction with several people i’ve met at emmaus, and i’m excited about that.

last night, nikki and i met up for dinner at mangia bene, which was so delicious!  plus, we got to talk a lot, which we needed.  we’d already discovered we have lots of things in common, but we needed time to chat and get to know each other better, and it was wonderful!  and after dinner, we weren’t done, so we went over to starbucks for more.  and then we went to target in search of light bulbs for nikki.  and we sat in her car talking some more and playing songs from our lives for one another.  so anyway, we hung out all night, and it was really lovely and we’ll do it again soon.

and tonight was my usual trip to emmaus, except that nothing about it was the usual.  first of all, i was on childcare duty, which meant that one other girl and i were in charge of watching 5 kids (the oldest of whom was 4 years old) while everyone else got to be in the service.  i figured i could handle one shift.  and it was pretty chaotic but we all survived the experience.  haha!  afterwards, i hung around a while catching up with some people and just talking.  and then i ended up staying while some boys tried to help a girl get her car started.  it was kind of an ordeal, but it did work eventually.  amazingly.  and then a group of us went up to in-n-out for some food and chatter before we called it a night.

and life’s just feeling right.  i don’t know what’s on the horizon, really, but i’m hopeful.

and tomorrow night, i am headed up to san carlos to visit the parents for the weekend.  i’m excited to see them and some other friends, and i think it’ll just be a good time.  and i’ll have my computer, so you can still find me.

and now it is the middle of the night, and i really should get to bed.  or at least attempt to fall asleep.  g’night.


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