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i’ll just smile…

14 September 2008

…with sweet contentment on my face. :)

on friday afternoon, i wasn’t sure how this weekend was going to go.  i found myself working later than i wanted to on a friday.  and it was just kind of just gray and dreary day.  plus, the office was so quiet.  but i wrapped up what i was working on and eventually went home.

and then everything picked up quite nicely. :)

after a good workout, i got cleaned up and headed over to the movie theatre in aliso.  i met up with chris, dana, jennifer, and tom (all friends from emmaus) to catch a late showing of “burn after reading.”  what a funny movie!  the coen brothers are crazy!  that movie was full all sorts of bizarre things, but still really, really funny.  plus, i really like those kids, so i’m glad i got to meet up with them for a movie.  the whole outing was just good.  i enjoyed myself. :)

saturday, i slept in a little because i’m sure i needed the rest.  and then i was up and going.  i had a bit of cleaning to do, and a lot of grocery shopping.  and then there was cooking and more cleaning, a workout, and more cooking.  it was all in preparation for a wonderful evening.  of course, i actually really enjoy the process of cooking, so i didn’t mind the work at all.

then in the evening, a bunch of emmaus friends came over for dinner and games.  joining me were chris, roderick, amy, hanssel, annajoy, and her son justin.  i had prepared a simple meal of salad, lasagna, bread, and cookies, which we enjoyed together.  and then we hung around, talked, and played some games.  last night’s selections were whoonu, scattergories, and apples to apples, all of which we enjoyed.  and no one got so competitive that it was uncomfortable.  also, i got to know a bit more about each of the people who attended, and i think they could say the same about me.  and we stayed up really way past our bedtimes just enjoying being with each other, wrapping up well past 1am.  chris even helped clean up (even though i insisted that was completely unnecessary) and took out my trash.  he wins because that’s my least favorite chore!  altogether, it was a really lovely evening, and i’m anxious to do it again soon.

even though i didn’t get to sleep until about 3 last night, i was awake at 9:30.  silly old lady body! ;)  anyway, i was off to 11am mass, which was really good.  and i’ve really just spent my afternoon hanging around the apartment relaxing.  it’s something i feel like i haven’t done much lately.  and soon, i’ll go for a long walk around here and get my blood moving and to do some thinking.

so what a great weekend!  i’m very thankful for these new people that have been put into my life.

also!  marke’s in london, and i heard from him earlier today.  i can hardly wait to be back in my city, and i hope he and matt are enjoying their time there.


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