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11 September 2008

(i hope this makes some sort of sense.)

well, i’d sort of been meaning to write about emmaus and church and those sorts of things for awhile now.  i wasn’t putting it off for any particular reason, but i think somehow that tonight’s the right night to bring up the topic, at least briefly.

so as you might have noticed by now, i’ve been going to emmaus on thursday nights for a couple months.  it’s come to be an important part of my week and something i look forward to.  while i try to make sure that i am wholly living out a christian lifestyle, i still need to hear the word, as well as gather with like-minded people to worship or pray or just be in community with them.  plus, i’m certainly not perfect in my efforts to live as a christian, and dave’s messages each week have been affecting and led to real change for me.  also, my path to that place was strange and unforseen, but i’m really grateful that a long series of events led me there.  i know people reading this don’t all go to emmaus, but you can listen to the teachings on the emmaus website.  you might be surprised by what you hear.

of course, i have also met some really wonderful people at emmaus.  while it might sound sort of strange, or selfish even, that was part of my motivation in going the first time.  but i was also skeptical.  anyway, i really have met some good people there, and i’m glad to have those sorts around me in this life.  i haven’t ever known a ton of people in orange county, and i’m really thankful to feel like there are a few more mutually supportive people around me here.

and if you’ve known me very long, you might now be very confused.  i’m catholic.  yep.  still catholic despite going to emmaus at a totally different chruch once a week.  for me, i still love being catholic and love the mass and feel like it still speaks to me and helps me on my path.  but i have also come to really love worship, prayer, and learning in a totally different format.  and it’s all the same gospel.  we’re all striving for the same things.  and i’ve found that these two church events each week balance each other out nicely.  so here i am, going to both and feeling wonderful about it all.  i mean, how can i not purly amazed that i’ve come to know God?  so i’m at emmaus at zoe on thursdays and at st. edwards on sundays, and it’s all going really well.

it’s going so well that tonight my mom asked me if there’s an emmaus up in the bay area.  hehe!  so catholic!  anyway, i informed her that we’re just the one group but that i’m sure there are young adults gathering to study the gospel somewhere up there.  i just don’t know who or where.  the person who she wanted to tell about it will have to do a little research of his own.  but still, i am surprized and amazed that my mom was talking about emmaus with other people. :)

and so tonight, i think i’m off.  i’m focusing on not worrying so much about wanting things.  instead, i’ll try to have even more faith that my life will be okay.


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