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a new life

9 September 2008

this girl has been doing quite well, despite not being so good about updating here of late.  sorry about that.  but here i am, staying up late writing away.  i’ll try to catch you up. :)

work is keeping me busy, but i’m also enjoying it.  i’m even getting stuff done!  ;)

last weekend went well.  i took care of some errands and stuff, got to relax and a little bit, and even went to get lunch at chick-fil-a all the way up in irvine.  james and i had been talking about wanting/craving chick-fil-a for lunch for months, but the closest ones to san clemente are definitely too far to go for lunch during the week.  we’d certainly need more than an hour to get there, eat, and get back.  anyway, i finally found a chance to go up there.  mmm… my lunch was quite delicious!

also, last weekend, i attended my first beach bonfire.  if you’re from here, that is probably hard to believe, but it’s just not that common an activity in san carlos, where i grew up.  anyway, chris (from emmaus, not form work) had a big barbeque and bonfire in celebration of his birthday, so i went to that on saturday night.  there was good food and lots of cool people, and basically i just hung around on the beach all evening.  it was a really nice time.  i even got a great sunset, boys playing guitars, and s’mores.  do saturdays get better than that?  oh!  and chris let lauren and me in on a special recipe of sorts: the reese’s s’more.  replace the chocolate bars with reese’s peanut butter cups.  it’s definitely good news. :)  anyway, great party!

this evening, lauren and i went for a hike on a trail in the hills of san clemente, and it was a really fun time!  we worked pretty hard climbing all those hills, but it was great to get outside and enjoy the area.  and then, after we were worn out, we went for the dinner we felt we had definitely earned: some pasta at sonny’s.  we had a great time walking and talking and eating, and we’ll certainly do it again.

i’ve spent some time tonight thinking about london and my time living in europe.  marke’s off to europe for more than three weeks on friday, and i wnated to give him a few suggestions.  anyway, now i am missing that place as much as ever.  oh, london.  i love it.  i hope marke will enjoy it!

and so i guess i should get to bed soon.  i’ll try to update again in the near future.


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