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singing all the parts

27 August 2008

oops.  i have seriously been neglecting this blog lately.  not sure why.  but i have a few minutes right now, so here we go.

i had a really busy weekend.  friday night was a surprise birthday party for amy at nikki and jen’s house.  we really did surprise amy, and i had a fun time hanging out with people.  and then a bunch of us all went to laser tag.  i hadn’t played laser tag since i was probably 17!  this place was huge with lots of places to hide or run around, and we played where it was every man for himself, which made it pretty crazy.  i didn’t do too well, but i knew that was going to happen.  still, i had a blast.  oh, and i got to play some air hockey and foosball, which was also cool.  all in all, it was a fun night out.

saturday, i headed out to a barbeque at annajoy’s way out in the mountains.  the drive out to her (very isolated) community, was absolutely gorgeous.  stunning and slow and tedious and amazing.  and it was just a really relaxed evening hanging out with some new friends.  there was barbequeing, puppies, and little kids.  it was just lovely and simple and wonderful.  oh, and my chocolate chip cookies were a hit. :)

on sunday, marke, chris, mallory, theresa, and i all met up at disneyland for a (hot) day of fun!  while it seemed a little crowded, we got to do lots and lots of rides and just hang out.  it was a good time.

by monday morning, i was pretty exhausted.  i’ve been trying to catch up with myself over the past few days, but i’ve also managed to do some fun things, too.

last night, i went to go see “the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2.”  free popcorn on tuesday nights is awesome, and i’d been meaning to see this for a while.  i loved all four books and the first movie.  i didn’t know they were skipping to book 4 (mostly) for this movie, but i guess i should have known they weren’t going to make 4 movies.  anyway, i did really enjoy it and only cried a little, so it was fun.  i just love those characters, so it’s great to meet up with them in a book or on the big screen. :)

tonight, i went out with lauren.  we went up to newport and picked up cupcakes at sprinkles.  she’d never been there before, so that was cool!  and then we drove down through newport into laguna for dinner at gina’s.  we got to sit outside and see the sunset and enjoy some great italian food.  and then cupcakes!  it was just a really lovely evening all the way around.  and i desperately needed a girls’ night, i think. :)

sarah’s going to be in town to visit me for the long weekend, which i’m excited about.  i cleaned the apartment tonight for her and everything!  haha!  anyway, i’m not sure what we’ll be up to besides some eating and some shopping, but i’m sure we’ll keep ourselves busy.  i’m excited to see her! :)

and so that’s the story from here for tonight.  more soon.


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