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10 August 2008

alright.  wow.  it seems like it has been ages since i’ve last updated you on what’s been going on with me.  i think it seems like so long because i’ve been up to so much, which has been lovely.  really.  but i have some time on my hands right about now.  i find myself sitting in the airport in san jose at one of these really nice tables they have made especially for people with their laptops.  they have lots of outlets and free wi-fi here, though i admit that i cannot get the wifi working and it seems like the people around me are having the same problem, so i’ll just save this post and send it once i get home.  anyway, now i’m really just rambling on.  i’m going to attempt to keep this orderly for you…

1) rabbit and rogue.
i’d heard a few weeks ago that famous film/tv composer danny elfman had written his very first ballet and that twyla tharp choreographed it.  awesome.  not that relevant to my normal life.  until i realized that it’d be coming through the orange county performing arts center.  still, it’d been a very, very long time since i’d last been at a ballet and ballet tickets are sort of expensive.  so i didn’t think about it much.  and then i saw an ad in a magazine for this show and it made me look to see if the tickets were on goldstar (if you’re not a member, do ask about this amazing site).  and they were!  half-price ballet tickets suddenly made this all more attainable.  and really, i figured i’d just buy a single ticket and go.  i don’t know many people i’d drag to the ballet with me.  however, i was chatting with marke online and decided to just ask him what he thought about going just because.  he said he was interested.  so i also invited chris and lauren, and suddenly there was a group of 4 of us all really excited about going to a ballet and not knowing much about what we were getting ourselves into.

so wednesday night, the four of us headed up to costa mesa together.  we had a quick but delicious dinner at the corner bakery and then went to the ocpac.  the american ballet theater was dancing this ballet.  but first, they danced another ballet, etudes, which was really fun and a good intro to ballet.  basically, it’s lots of dancers showing different ballet moves from basic to the most difficult.  i think it was a great place for us to start since some of us hadn’t been to the ballet in forever and the rest hadn’t ever been.  after this, everyone was already impressed and having a good time.  then there was the danny elfman ballet, rabbit and rogue.  it.  was.  spectacular.  we loved it so, so much that none of us were ready for it to end.  it was just stunningly beautiful and the music, of course, was really great and did feel very cinematic.  anyway, we all agreed that we will go to a ballet again soon, and probably more dance events.  :)

2) jesus and burgers
thursday night, i was back at emmaus with the friends i’m making there.  the message was really good.  it almost made me cry because of a story about a father and son so distant it hurt.  i’m so thankful for the really close relationship i have with my dad.  anyway, after church, a bunch of us went to hang out at in-n-out, which was cool.  i was hungry, and i had a really good time hanging out with marke, lauren, and others.

3) working for a living
work’s got me going crazy.  i mean, there’s just a lot to do there right now, and i know i’m not getting a break this week.  in fact, i haven’t had a break in a while.  we had so much going on in july that it ran into august and we never got that end-of-month lull that i usually like to take full advantage of.  so yeah, that’s been keeping me going all the time.  i love it, even if it makes me crazy.

4) open the door
friday after work, i raced up to john wayne to catch a flight home (my other home) to san jose.  meg picked me up and brought me home.  i knocked on the door and my mom came to answer it.  she started at me, so confused, through the glass in the door.  i had to actually instruct her to open the door for me.  she was, of course, so confused because i hadn’t told her i’d be coming home this weekend.  i just showed up.  surprise!  it’s dad’s birthday today, and i came home to surprise him and spend the weekend hanging out with him.  and part of the reason i kept it a surprise to them is that i wanted to keep it quiet from most people.  i love seeing lots of people when i’m at home, but it also means that the last two times i’ve been here, i’ve barely seen my parents at all.  so when i showed up, i had no plans but to hang out with them.  and it was excellent.  :)  we watched lots of olympics and hung out and did barely anything.  yesterday, i did have lunch with megs to thank her for picking me up at the airport and because we hadn’t seen each other or really gotten to talk in a long time.  and last night, auntie lily, uncle ken, and auntie nancy came over for a really simple dinner and more olympics watching.  and today we just hung around.  it was lazy and quiet and awesome.  and dad told me it was the best birthday present ever, which i figured he would. :)  it was awesome!  so that’s why i’m about to get on a plane back home (my other home).

so there you have it.  life’s been amazing, and i’m so grateful for the blessings i’ve been afforded.  more soon.  i’ll try to be better about updating. :)


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  1. nikki permalink

    just want to say that i hope any future ballet endeavors include me. that must’ve been one heck of a show man. i heart danny elfman. :)

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