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late-night wandering

2 August 2008

i am blogging in the middle of the night because i have too much spinning around inside my head at the moment that it doesn’t even matter that i’m completely exhausted and desperately need some sleep.  i’m awake.  i need to sort some things out in my mind.  i’m sorry if this turns out to be really disjointed.  i don’t know the order in which i should chronicle these bits of information.

i went to emmaus last night (thursday night).  it was pretty good, but i was so tired.  and i kept feeling like i was really stretching to find someone to talk to.  i didn’t hang around too long after it was over like i usually want to do.  still, it was good to go.

i’ve been up late the past three nights chatting.  i never mean to be up that late just im-ing, but it happens.  it seems like there’s a lot going on lately.  a lot to talk about and discuss and sort through.  really, a lot of it isn’t my life, but i take a real interest in the lives of my friends, so it’s still important to me.  plus, we form closer relationships through sharing ourselves with others.  it’s been good and worth the lost sleep, i’d say.  even if the topics of discussion are contributing to me doing the thinking that’s keeping me up tonight.  it’s good to feel like a friend.

i went to a … what do i call this …?  i went to an event that’s like the real world version of coffeehouse at pepperdine.  of course, it was held at a coffeehouse.  a few people sang (they were awesome), and a few people read poetry (some of them were really good).  most of the people doign their thing were from emmaus, and lots of emmaus people were there.  it was pretty fun, and i’m glad marke talked me into joining him and lauren there.

i want to have a trip planned in my relatively near future.  ideas?  anyone want to go somewhere?

i need to go to bed.  g’night.


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