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30 July 2008

honestly, i should probably be in bed right now.  it’s kind of late, and i need more sleep.  but i feel like writing instead of sleeping right about now.

i worked really hard today.  i got like two days worth of stuff done.  i’m pretty stoked on that, even if it meant not fully participating in the ping pong ball madness that was going on all around me.  oh, boys.  haha!  ;)  anyway, i also got involved in two separate, very strange conversations that involved john today.  in one, he asked chris if he was “getting any.”  in the other, we talked politics until john decided i was so liberal that i had come around to conservative.  yeah.  at least he was really entertaining today!

after work, i was off to the gym.  didn’t get a treadmill right away because two women were walking at the speed of molasses (really) and chatting away with one another.  that’s two of the three treadmills occupied by people who burned enough calories to eat a single french fry.  combined.  anyway, so i did 15 tough minutes on an elliptical before going to a treadmill (they eventually got off the treadmills and just stood in the gym talking.  it’s easier, i suppose.).  and then it was sprints and walking intervals.  really tough.  i worked very hard!

and after getting cleaned up, i headed up to the spectrum to celebrate lauren’s birthday with dinner at the yard house.  i know lauren from emmaus.  anyway, i got up there and tried to meet up with her and marke when i discovered i was at the wrong yard house.  i knew i should i have double-checked the location before i left home.  anyway, so i went over to the yard house at fashion island and met up with lauren, three of her friends from college, and 3 emmaus guys (including marke).  we had a really fun dinner together!  everyone there was really great, and i’m enjoying getting to know lauren.  she’s cool.  it was a really good night, i’d say.

i took pch home because it’s gorgeous even at night.  i love it.  and then i discovered a van in my parking spot.  ugh.  lame.  if you live here (which they do because i see that van in a different spot all the time), you know which spot is yours and that you can’t park in the others.  of course, i just washed my car, but it’ll be a mess by the morning.  oh, well.

and now i’m up too late for no especially good reason.  but i’m happy, so it’s cool.  it’s definitely not that angsty insomnia.  more soon…


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