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lacking flavor

29 July 2008

isn’t it amazing how someone can just take a moment to say hello and it can totally make a day better, bring a smile?  i love that! :)

work’s been crazy busy for me lately, but i think i’m getting things accomplished.  it also seems like the department is a little quieter, which probably comes both from us all being busy and andrew being on vacation.  it’s still good there, though.  anyway, i’m working hard.

i took a nice drive up the coast tonight up to newport.  i picked up cupcakes at sprinkles, even though i was heartbroken that they didn’t have any peanut butter chip ones left when i got there.  and the drive back was even more gorgeous.  i love living on the coast.  did you know? ;)

it’s a quiet night before a couple busy ones…

nearly forgot!  there was an earthquake in southern california today!  a 5.4.  and it shook the office i was in a lot and for a long time.  plus, i found a few things knocked off shelves when i got home, but nothing’s damanged.  everything seems to be fine, but it was shook me up a little while it was going on.  see what i did there? ;)


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