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27 July 2008

i’ve been so busy the last few days, and i must say that i’ve really quite enjoyed myself.  and i’m ready to tuck into bed early (or at least on time) tonight and start another week.

the second part of my week at work was busy, busy, busy.  i didn’t accomplish enough on thursday, but i managed to make up for it on friday and get more done than i expected.  and all without working more than my regular hours.  that’s awesome news because i didn’t really want to be at the office any extra hours those days.  anyway, it’s going to be another busy week, i think, but things seem to be going well.

thursday night i was off to emmaus once again.  i’m really enjoying this group of people a lot, and i feel like i’m also getting so much out of the lessons (not sure what else to call them).  and i even went out to in-n-out with a bunch of people afterwards to just hang out.  it’s interesting to get to know these people and feel like i’m being welcomed into their group.  on saturday night (i’m jumping around but it makes more sense this way, i think), i went to oral history night with the emmaus group.  it was a potluck dinner at someone’s house, and after dinner dave (the guy who seems to run emmaus) interviewed this girl jamie about her life story.  beginning to end.  it was really, really interesting to hear someone’s life story like that: gathered with about 20 other people in a living room while she just sat and talked right there.  it really does build a strong community to have people share their stories like that.  i’m sure i could learn something new from any one of my closest friends if they just sat and told me their life story.  and this community is really growing on me.  i was talking to this girl allison, and she was telling me how much she likes being with these people that genuinely care about one another.  there are lots of different sorts of people there, but they care about one another.  it’s really cool.  and unique, i think.  anyway, the point of my rambling is that i’m so glad i found emmaus.

on friday night, i picked up adam from the airport and we came back here and just hung out and watched “psych” and did nothing.  it was very us, and i enjoy having him around a lot.  but the reason he came to see me this weekend was so we could go to huntington beach to watch the honda u.s. open of surfing presented by o’neill.  so saturday morning, we picked up donuts at the local shop and headed up there and staked out a place on the beach.  theresa and her boyfriend, chris, met us there, as well.  and the 4 of us hung out on the beach and watched surfing all day long.  of course, there were lots of booths and sponsors and other activities going on, as well, and so the others walked around a lot and enjoyed that, too.  as for me, i prefer to just lie around on the beach all day.  and watch surfing.  so that’s what i did. :)  theresa, chris, and adam all came back to my place after the surfing was over for the day.  they enjoyed downtown san clemente and fisherman’s while i was at oral history night, and then they all crashed here.  and this morning, we were up bright and early once again to get up to hungtington again.  we hung out on the beach there some more.  it was really fun and just relaxed.  and we left in the early afternoon so the others could get back up to la.  it was really wonderful to see everyone for the weekend. :)

i decided to take my time getting home and drove pch the whole way from huntington to san clemente.  what a lovely drive!  and i might have stopped to pick up a treat at sprinkles, since it was totally on my way! :)

this afternoon, i went to the 5:30 mass at st. edwards.  i’d never been to that mass before, but i am really, really glad i tried it today.  i loved it!  the singing was great, and i like this new priest a lot.  good mass.  i’m happy. :)

and so i’m just preparing to watch the season premiere of “mad men” and then crash.  hope you had a good weekend, too!


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