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23 July 2008

tonight i finally feel like i have a moment to sit down a really think and write.  i’m trying to go ahead and put a bit more of myself here, and that also requires a bit more thought.  so here i go.  birthday weekend.

saturday morning i was up bright and early.  i found a place downstairs to continue with my routine of morning yoga before getting on with the rest of my day.  and then it was time to get cleaned up and ready to head out.  dad, adam, and i took the train up to the city and then walked the two blocks from the train station to at&t park.  i like to try to get to at least one giants baseball game each season.  that park is really awesome, the food there is great, and it’s fun to see the giants play.  no matter how rough a season they’re having. :)  so we sat way up in the nosebleed seats and relaxed, watched the game, and had amazing garlic fries.  i’m sure i still smell like garlic a little bit!  ;)  it was a great time, and i love hanging out with dad and adam.  even the train ride home was fun.

and saturday night was my time with the girls.  meg, mel, kath, and i got together for dinner at bj’s, which was really fun.  the service was kind of poor, but we didn’t mind at all because (1) the waiter was particularly handsome and (2) we were in absolutely no hurry at all because we had plenty to catch up on with each other.  given the opportunity, i think we could just hang out, eat, and talk forever.  i love those girls.  also, i shared a bit more of myself with them that night than i might have previously.  see, when you’ve known people since you were 5 years old, sometimes there are subjects you just don’t talk about with each other.  things that are more grown up.  that night, it was about going to church.  and you know, it’s kind of funny we rarely talk about religious topics because we spent 13 years going to catholic schools together.  anyway, it was a great night out with them, and i’m so thankful for those long friendships.

speaking of God, adam and i got up early on sunday so that we could make it to 9am mass at st. charles.  that was always the mass that all my friends and their families went to as i was growing up.  it was the big mass.  it was pretty quiet this sunday morning, though.  after attending lots of different services since i left san carlos, it’s interesting to think about what i like and dislike in each place’s service.  for instance, i don’t like the music at st. charles because it’s impossible to sing along with (too high) and doesn’t add much to the mass.  still, there’s something about going to mass there that feels like going home.  anyway, i’m glad i went.

saturday afternoon, we had a big party at the house with lots of family and a few friends.  it was catered with italian food!  this is huge because it has taken me 25 years to get the family to accept that i’d rather have italian food than filipino food.  of course, there was also plenty of filipino food, as well.  but i had more than enough italian food to fill me up.  it was quite delicious!  and it was really, really good to hang out with the family a bit.  i miss them when i’m here.  they’re not constantly online or on facebook or whatever, like my friends are, so i don’t always talk to them as much as i’d like.

also, at this party i received a very, very nice gift from my parents.  honestly, i wasn’t expecting anything at all from them for my birthday because there wasn’t anything i asked for or really needed.  but they bought me an amazon kindle.  it’s a new electronic book reader that is just really, really well done.  the display looks like the pages of a book, and it allows me to download new books anywhere i am wirelessly.  basically, it’s really, really rad, and i’m totally loving it.  i’ve already downloaded a few books that i’m working through.  i’m enjoying “girls in trucks” right now.

and sunday night, it was back to the airport so i could get back to (this) home.  it was an uneventful flight back, which is good news.

this week has been so busy at work.  i’m feeling a bit overwhelemed with all i have to do, but i’m just trying to stay focused, keep my nose down, and work through everything bit by bit.  plus, there are people in from out of town making the office feel a bit crowded.  last night, john invited everyone over to his new house for a housewarming get together.  it was really fun to sit and hang out with some people i don’t always talk to a lot.  also, the house is absolutely gorgeous.  i think it was a good evening, even if it made for sort of a long day.

and tonight i was sort of tired.  i read and napped and took a long walk after work, which was all great.  i even gave myself a nice, pink manicure while watching “so you think you can dance.”  it was just quiet and relaxing and nice.

tomorrow, i’ll be back to a busy evening, between the gym and emmaus.  anyway, i’ll be back soon with more.


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