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a thankful heart

18 July 2008

well, well, well.  twenty-five years.  i can hardly even believe it, quite honestly.  i often still think i’m 17.  or sometimes it’s 19.  nineteen was a particularly good year.  anyway, i’ve apparently now lived 25 years.  they’ve all been wonderful, and i’m more excited than words to see what my 26th year has in store for me.

tonight i write from an airplane, something i don’t do so often.  first of all, i don’t really like flying.  or really being stuck in any other mode of transportation, either.  it’s nauseating for me.  anyway, as you probably already know, that doesn’t stop me from flying all the time.  see, i love being in lots of different places, even if i don’t always love the actual act of traveling to those places.  and so i tend to like to go to sleep while i’m in transit.  i never get much sleep, so taking advantage of a plane ride often seems like a good idea.  and if i decide, for some reason, that i’m not going to sleep on a flight (or if i can’t get to sleep), i like to read a book.  i love reading books, and i don’t take enough time out of my regular life to do so.  but without an internet connection or someone interesting to talk to, it’s easy to sit and just read for a few hours while at 35,000 feet.  but tonight, my eyes are tired (more on why coming up), so i’m falling asleep reading (i just started “this side of paradise”).  and i don’t want to go to sleep because i’ll do that once i get to the house.  i don’t want to make sleeping there more difficult for myself by having napped on this plane.  so the point of all this rambling is that i pulled out my computer and am composing this journal entry to post as soon as i can get back online because it’ll occupy me for the hour or so i’m here.

so my birthday.  that’s what i really want to get to writing about tonight.  yesterday, i turned 25 in wonderful fashion.  i was busy for about 20 hours straight.  i haven’t had an actual birthday day that packed with stuff in a long time, i’m sure.  it was awesome!

first up for the day was going to work.  it’s a busy july and this is a particularly busy time of this month for us at the office, so there was no taking the day off.  plus, what would i have really done with that day off?  i’m not sure.  it was more fun to go into the office and hang out with the boys whose company i always enjoy.  but just to make it a little more special, i wore this really cute purple dress that i’ve had for a while but don’t wear too often.  it’s dressier than what i usually wear to work (jeans), but not entirely inappropriate for the office.  anyway, i wore that.  it was lovely. ;)  and work was lovely, as well.  the boys (minus andrew, who is in brooklyn right now playing volleyball with the avp like the rock star he is) kept me thoroughly distracted from actual work all day long.  we went and bought the “batman begins” dvd and some toys from the 99-cent store at lunchtime.  then we took the projector from the conference room and set it up in the art department to project onto one wall, and that’s how we watched the movie.  we even had pizza delivered while we watched, which made for an especially delicious lunch.  it was pretty awesome.  we will definitely do that again!  :)  and we played with all our new toys–which include ping pong paddles and balls, safety goggles, badminton rackets, a plunger, a basket, and lots of other strange odds and ends–throughout the day, as well.  yes, they let us get away with a lot at work!  haha!  it’s so great, especially on my birthday when i really didn’t want to have to accomplish too much.  also, i’m now the only person in the company with a birthday in july, so we had a cake and some ice cream just for me as a company.  everyone sings “happy birthday” terribly, as that is the company tradition.   and the candles on the cake were the kind that re-light themselves, unbeknownst to anyone.  after i blew them out twice, i didn’t really know what to do once they re-lit themselves.  i mean, i am only going to blow on a cake for so long; otherwise, no one would want to eat any of the cake.  so anyway, that was a fun little company tradition. :)

next up, i headed home right on time.  i changed and went directly up to the gym for a run.  and it was my fastest time ever.  awesome!  i’m feeling good about this lately, and it’s nice to start out my 26th year feeling like i’m on the road to being physically fit. ;)

then i raced back down to my apartment, showered as quickly as i could, and got dressed and headed right back out again.  no time to waste!  i headed to emmaus.  right now, i’m just remembering that i haven’t really talked about emmaus here before.  emmaus is a group of people in their 20s and 30s who gather at zoe (marke’s dad’s church) on thursday nights for worship and a message.  yes, i think that’s an appropriate description.  i’m sure as i continue to write about it in the coming weeks, you’ll get a better understanding of what it is.  anyway, i went for the first time last thursday and enjoyed it a lot.  the people there are really cool, and i like the way their speakers present a message about the scriptures.  there are a couple main reasons why i am going there.  first of all, the message is a great addition to the catholic masses i usually go to.  it’s of the same faith — christian — but presented differently.  for me, that means a great contrast and more for me to learn.  secondly, i am really liking becoming part of the emmaus community.  my life’s a bit lacking in community sometimes, and it’s something i’m trying to work on.  so anyway, i should get back to yesterday.  i went to emmaus yesterday evening.  it was awesome, and dave (the guy who seems to run things) presented a great lesson on communion.

this is where the plane starts landing, and i realize how long-winded i’ve been thus far.  time for me to shut down.  more writing when i’m back on solid ground. :)

okay, i’m all the way to san carlos now.  sitting at the dining room table while dad and adam watch “monk.”  this is very us.  now, back to my birthday celebration.  i can’t believe you’re even still reading.

after emmaus, marke and i hung around a while to talk with everyone else there.  that’s kind of part of it, actually.  community, like i said before.  so i met some more people there, which was cool.

eventually, though, it was time to get going to the movie theatre.  it was about 10:30 when marke and i headed over there, stopping for coffee at the bookstore before meeting up with chris and mallory, who were already in line.  in line for what?  in line to see “the dark knight,” of course!  in case you live on mars or something, the movie opened last night at midnight.  so we waited with all the other crazies to get into the theatre so we could stay up all night watching a movie.  anyway, it was really awesome.  the movie was so, so, so, so great!  i can’t even believe it!  a few months back, marke talked me into reading a batman comic book, the long halloween, which was part of the inspiration for this movie.  i’m glad i did.  it made the movie even more interesting, i think.  anyway, i love love love loved going to see a midnight movie with a few friends.  it was a perfect way to wrap up a great birthday.  :)

and then the alarm went off this morning at 7:30, 4 hours after i fell asleep.  i did alright at work today.  it’s a good thing it was pretty chill there, though, because i know i couldn’t have done anything super complex on that amount of sleep.  ;)  the boys were so funny today!  they’re such great entertainment, i swear.  and good friends, too, in the quieter moments.

and after work (i snuck out a little bit early), i headed for the gym.  have to keep working out.  then i got cleaned up and packed and everything and headed for the airport.  and after that flight i mentioned before, now i’m here with mom, dad, and adam.  i really am excited about this weekend.  it’s pretty packed full of fun activities.  i’ll try to keep you updated…


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