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sunset man

13 July 2008

so it’s sunday night, i’m relaxing watching the last few episodes of season 1 of “mad men,” i have fresh polish on my toenails, and i’m content with the weekend i’ve just had.  feels pretty good. :)

i’ve been walking lately.  my back has been acting up a little (it’s just tight, nothing too bad), but the walking helps loosen it up without making it worse.  anyway, this neighborhood provides quite the views in the evening.  the sunsets both last night and tonight were simply spectacular.  just amazing.  tonight, i sat for a few minutes on this bench with a particularly good view.  it was lovely.

after mass this morning, i picked up lunch and headed to work.  it was a really productive afternoon, and i finally feel like i actually accomplished something.  and it’s nice to do really creative work when the office is all mine.  i played my music nice and loud, i walked around without shoes, and i could just be very, very focused.  but then again, i’m trying not to make working on the weekend a habit.  :)

i bought myself some really, really quality new music yesterday.  i went to get the new album that’s a collaboration between willie nelson and wynton marsalis called “two men with the blues.”  it’s spectacular.  they’re especially great together, and listening to the album makes me really want to listen to jazz.  i rarely do listen to it, but i enjoy it a lot.  and while i was out, i also picked up some bluegrass, as that’s been an interest of late.  i found a chris thile album i didn’t already have, “how to grow a woman from the ground,” which is really quite a work.  it definitely shows him about to get to punch brothers.  and i also picked up an album from the infamous stringdusters.  i’d never listened to them before, but i’m enjoying it thoroughly.  really, really good music.  really.

anyway, it’s time to get ready for a busy week.  i’m off for now… :)


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