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balls in midair

11 July 2008

marke and james decided it’d be an awesome idea to both hit foam balls with golf clubs at the same time so that the balls would collide midair.  (yes, in the office.)  they figured it’d be a bit of challenge, much like trying to hit a foam ball into the lamp is quite difficult.  instead, on their first attempt, they succeeded.  and it’ll never be attempted again, i think.  so awesome and so hilarious!  these are the boys i work with.  (minus the cussing.  they do that, too.  a lot.)

work’s been so crazy busy that it makes me even more grateful for these hilarious bits of craziness.  :)

in other news, my life continues to be interesting, despite me not being particularly straightforward about sharing it here.  i’m really being stretched right now, but in a way that i feel like i can handle and that is forcing me to both learn a lot about myself as well as grow tremendously.  i’ve tried new things and met some new people.  i’ve figured out that there are some things i never talk about.  i’ve also figured out that it can feel really good to just explain what’s going on in my head to someone.  and i’m trying to become more trusting and confident in people around me.  anyway, things are really good, and i am pretty certain they’re getting even better.

and one more note: there are only 6 days until my birthday! ;)


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