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sweet contentment

8 July 2008

well, it’s been a while since i’ve written, it seems.  and in a way, a lot has been going on.  and in other ways, it feels like nothing at all.  i think i’ve found both extremes on various days.  anyway, now i’m just babbling on.  let me get to something more concrete.

friday (the fourth) and saturday were very quiet around here.  i read almost all of “make the impossible possible,” which i highly recommend because it’s such an inspirational story.  seriously.  and i took a long(ish) drive on saturday up the coast with the windows down and the sunroof open.  and there was plenty of working out and sitting around and i don’t know what else.  not a lot.  pretty boring.

and by saturday night, i was making myself a little bit crazy.  between being disappointed in myself for not planning a trip over the extra long weekend and being a bit bored, i was getting sick of being in this apartment.

but sunday, i drove up to la to pick up adam for a day of brother and sister fun! :)  we did lots all around la, and just had a lot of fun.  first up, we had lunch at chipotle.  i like having adam take me there because there isn’t one close to here.  and then we went to the la county museum of art (lacma), which is on the list of museums that are free to bank of america customers the first weekend of every month.  adam had never been, and i hadn’t been since i was at pepperdine.  we browsed through lots of the galleries there.  i especially love their modern art collection (probably the best collection outside new york).  and we had a good time laughing at the contemporary art collection (sorry, contemporary art lovers).  it was pretty cool to go there with adam; it’s so different from anything we normally do together.  next up was a walk around the grove, one of my favorite shopping centers.  it was such a gorgeous day out that it was fun to just wander around there a bit.  and when we were done there, we headed over to hollywood.  we did some music shopping at amoeba music before catching “hancock” at the arclight.  this was all-around a blast, though i could have used a little more time (and money to spend) in amoeba.  and the movie was really fun and entertaining.  and finally, we rounded out the evening with dinner at doughboys.  we both had breakfast, which is the meal i really want there anyway.  my chocolate chip pancakes were awesome! :)  and by the time i brought adam back to the frat house and headed home, it was pretty late.

work this week is quite busy, and it’ll be that way for a while longer, i think.  but you know, it’s a total blast.  the boys are just so crazy and hilarious and fun.  they make it fun to be there, no matter what i’m working on.  so yeah, work’s awesome.

also, i had a rough evening yesterday but ended up sorting through everything between talking to dad and talking to friends.  i think things are pretty awesome now. :)

and today was a bit rough, as i had a crazy headache all morning, but by early afternoon i was feeling closer to normal.  i even got in an awesome run tonight.  now i just need a good night’s sleep, and i should be good to go!  so i’m off to see what i can do about that.  more soon!


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