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by that much

1 July 2008

hmm… seems like there is a lot to say somehow.  i’ll try to keep this organized.  :)

1) i’ve taken to doing ten minutes of yoga in the morning to get myself going.  i’m only 4 days into it, but i kind of love it so far.  i cannot motivate myself to get up extra early to run, but i can do 10 minutes early to do what feels like stretching but actually really gets my heart rate up and gets me a little sweaty.  and the rest of the working out is going well, also.  over the weekend, i did some serious walking around these hills (more like moutains, really) and decided this bench that’s like way up the hill is at one of the coolest places around.  the view from it is spectacular, even if it’s quite a walk to get there.  i want to be the couple i caught sitting there sunday evening. :)

2) i had a really quiet weekend but i think it was just what i was needing after being so busy.  i got lots of chores and errands taken care of, including doing the most disgusting cleaning i’ve ever done in my life.  seriously, something bad happened on my deck and i never did find my white knight to come clean it for me. ;)  anyway, things around here seem very much in order now. :)

3) also last weekend, i finally watching “o brother where art thou?”  how i’d never seen it before, i do not know.  it was wonderful and fun and entertaining.   and tonight, i went to the theatre to see “get smart,” which was also  a really good time.  i love steve carell.  he’s just awesome.  and anne hathaway’s not so bad, either.  oh, and free, fresh popcorn at the movies is always a great bonus!

4) work’s good.  kind of quiet, but picking up pace very quickly right about now.  we’re about to have an insane july.  and i’m continuing to have an absolute blast with the boys.  they’re 100% out of control in the most awesome way ever.  i laugh so hard.  it’s perfect.  also, andrew got pranked pretty good today.  chris used a remote to basically control his itunes all day.  andrew thought his computer was just like freaking out changing songs and volume and pausing and such.  it was pretty hilarious! :)

5) i’m already hoooked on the swimming trials.  i can hardly wait for the olympics now.  :)

i’m sure there’s more i am forgetting at this particular moment.  it’s late(ish), and i’m tired from being up late too often.  more soon.


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