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if you had called yesterday

19 June 2008

:)  this girl is doing pretty well tonight.

it was another great day of work, not particularly because of the work (which went fine and actually got done) but because of the people.  i cannot complain about spending my days with marke, andrew, chris, and james. :)

and this evening, after a good workout, i got to catch up with annahita a bit, which was fun.  i got to hear about how it’s not fun to be a med student, and she got to hear about boys.  perfect, right? ;)

also, i finally got around to watching the academy of country music awards tonight.  i thoroughly enjoyed that.  also, i want to be jennifer nettles more than ever.  i can’t get the new sugarland song, “all i want to do,” out of my head, and i love it! :)

tomorrow, at the crack of dawn, i will be heading up to the bay area for a long weekend.  i’m going to see some friends and enjoy a concert and other fun things.  i’m pretty excited about it. :)  also, i’ll have my computer with me, so you can still expect to find me online or get updates.

more soon…


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