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kirsten rocks!

18 June 2008

the company’s working on getting t-shirts with those words on them.  yep.  two people told me so. ;)

i’m feeling really good about today. :)  seriously.  so fun.  yes, i worked a lot and so did everyone else, but we also just had a great time.  i definitely laughed a lot and left the office this evening thinking i really love my job.

one particular highlight today: james, andrew, marke, chris, and me walking to carl’s jr. for lunch together.  first of all, it was nice to just have lunch together.  second of all, it was a gorgeous day out, so i’m stoked i got to be outside a bit, even if the area isn’t actually that conducive to walking.

also, marke hated my adorable dress today.  haha!  i love it!  i knew he would.  and he hated my necklace.  and he called my shoes pretentious, but admitted he was conflicted on those because he also liked them.  we have the best friendship, i swear. :)

in other news, i kicked my run’s ass tonight!  i rocked it, and i’m so stoked with myself right now.

more soon. :)


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