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if i could stop that crime (batman’s song)

17 June 2008

no matter what i do, i do not think i can properly describe work.  especially how it was today (and likely how it will be through the near future).  and i wish i could, because it’s awesome.  it’s madness, and i love it.  i laugh all the time because the boys are just so crazy and ridiculous.  and vulgar.  and funny.  and just great.

you know, as i write this, i’m trying to decide how much i can even write about today at work right here.  we figured out out which vulgar exclamations are good and which are bad.  we rewrote a line from a cher song over and over.  we cussed more than i ever knew was possible while playing dominoes (i won today!).

so clearly, i’m enjoying myself.  :)

in other news, i’m not sure how i feel about this season of “nashville star” yet, but i love love love john rich.  he rocks.  he’s pretty much always right.  oh, and i totally want to be friends with that guy!



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