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15 June 2008

i am completely determined to get a full night’s rest tonight.  i’m going to need to be well-rested going into what should prove to be a busy week at work.  i’m sitting down to write earlier than i normally do (in fact, dinner’s still cooking) so i make sure i get to telling you about my weekend.  look at me and more foresight! ;)

okay, so friday was so, so, so, so busy at work, and i left still feeling like not enough things got completed.  at least marke, chris, and i had a fun lunch together: dominoes over take-out from baja fresh.

and friday evening, mom, dad, adam, and aunt nancy arrived here.  yes, five people lived in this little apartment all weekend.  crazy!  so while they got settled in here, i made my trip to the gym.  and then mom picked up quizno’s for dinner.  mostly, we just hung around, watched some tv, and caught up with each other.  it was pretty nice, actually.

since my parents aren’t ones to ever sleep in, we were up early saturday.  adam really wanted donuts for breakfast, so we went to the local donut shop.  mmm… delicious. :)  and for whatever reason, it took us a while to get moving.  dad did help me hang a bunch of stuff up around the apartment, though.  we went out to lunch at wahoo’s (they really liked it!), and then dad and aunt nancy went for a walk while mom, adam, and i did a little shopping around town.  they wanted to check out the rainbow (sandals) store, so we did that.  i even ended up with a new pair, which is rad.  :)  and then we did a bit of grocery shopping, as well.  they are always shocked by the lack of food in my apartment.  i think they forget i’m just one person.  in the evening, we went down to del mar to selma’s for a late dinner, which was delicious.  and then we came back here and they watched “the bucket list” while i kind of just crashed out.

and today we were up and moving pretty early once again.  we drove two cars up to westwood to the frat house where adam’s moving.  we dropped off my old mattress for him to use and a few other things.  then mom, dad, and auntie nancy headed home.  and adam and i got to hang out a bit! :)  i always love that.  we wandered around century city shopping center for a while, which was cool, even if neither of us really bought anything.  then we did a wonderful lunch at chipotle.  i love that place.  like a lot.  it’s just really far from where i live.  and we did some grocery shopping for adam, and i brought him back to the house before i drove back home.

on my way home, i took care of something i’ve been thinking about for too long now.  i bought myself new running shoes.  my old running shoes are very, very old and have entirely too many miles on them.  i mean, i owned them when i was still at pepperdine.  so i went to nordstrom rack and dsw and tried on lots and lots and lots of shoes before settling on a new pair.  now it’s just a matter of breaking them in.  i’m entirely too excited about this. ;)

and tonight, i’ve just been hanging out.  not up to a whole lot.  i did have a really amazing run.  actually, i was thinking about something when i was running my butt off tonight.  this feels like a week where i’ve really pushed myself.  i’ve pushed myself physically with some really challenging (for me, not for actual runners) running.  i’ve pushed myself really hard at work, putting in lots of extra time and effort to get too many things done.  i’ve pushed myself socially.  you’ll probably just have to take my word on that.  so anyway, it’s been really good.  :)

so now i’m just trying to get some dinner, relax a little, and get ready for monday, which i’m actually looking forward to.  hope you had a good weekend. :)


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