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12 June 2008

i wish i was a mind reader sometimes.  not always.  but sometimes, like today.

life seems pretty good.  i’ve been keeping myself busy.  i’ve been working too hard, but i’ve also been having fun at work with all the boys.  we’re really into the dominoes right about now.  we have a good game going. :)  i agree with marke that it’s more fun than poker.  it sort of seems like us just sitting around a table, cussing and laughing.  nothing wrong with that! ;)

also, we had a big potluck lunch at work today as a small celebration for michelle, who just got married in napa.  it wasn’t that exciting except for that fact that i brought apple cobbler.  i made it last night, and it’s a recipe that i created (and am still working on).  i think it turned out deliciously, and it seemed to go over really well with everyone else, too.  i’m pretty stoked. :)

in other news, that mattress (and box spring) that i bought last weekend arrived today.  i love it!  i’m actually writing from bed because i wanted to hang out on it a bit before i crash.  :)  yay for a pillow top!

also, i seem to have spent a lot of time on the phone in the past couple of days, which has been good.  i’ve needed to catch up with friends.  i have plenty of things to share, and so do they!  we’re all crazy busy lately.

and the family is coming to spend the weekend with me tomorrow.  i’m excited about it, even if i don’t have anything planned for us and it’ll be pretty cramped all staying in this little apartment.  it should be fun. :)

and one more thing… i wasn’t sure i was going to love this new season of “so you think you can dance” because i loved last season so, so, so, so much, but i just caught the first performances from all the couples and they were really wonderful.  there were like three that really stood out as being amazing.  that’s a lot.  anyway, i’m anxious to see the rest of the season now!  woot!

okay, i’m off for now.  i need some sleep.  more next time.


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