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10 June 2008

i don’t even know what to write tonight, though i figure i should update anyway.  a lot is going on; i am just not sure what to say about anything.  my head and my heart seem to be all over the map.  i hate being a girl.

last time i wrote, i forgot to mention the most fun part of my weekend!  terrible, i know.  ;)  anyway, on saturday night, i took marke and chris out to dinner as a thanks for helping me with the move.  and i had thought they were having a boys night after that, it turns out they weren’t.  we were going to watch a movie, but it turned out to be too scary for marke (hehe), so we ended up just hanging out, talking, and watchin a few episodes of “the office.”  super chill, but i enjoyed it a lot. :)

and this week of work has gotten off to an interesting start.  it’s a busy week, so i’m working a lot.  and with steve the temp gone, marke has returned to his office so that andrew can join us in the art department room.  it has been… a transition.  but honestly, andrew’s great company in there and fits in nicely.  even if i totally want marke in the room, as well.  and as for the rest of the week, i foresee lots of work and probably some fun, too. :)  oh!  and we got a new set of double-15 dominoes that i’m anxious to break in.

and so for tonight, i am off.  more soon…


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